Building Innovation for Homeownership
Award Winners: Connecticut

PROJECT: Hillcrest, Uncasville, Connecticut

SUBMITTER: Kristian Jensen III, Jensens Inc., Southington, Connecticut Elliot Fabri, New Era Building Systems, Strattanville, Pennsylvania

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Hillcrest is a community for residents 55 and over planned with affordable units, the average price of which is $112,000 on leased land. The 208 homes are HUD-code construction and average 1,290 square feet. A unique technical feature of these homes is the patented Lindsey Unified Floor System. With a depth of up to 21 inches, the floor can accommodate all electrical, plumbing, and heating runs. New Eras single-trunk duct system, coupled with efficient insulation, delivers better indoor air quality and temperature control. Floors/walls/ceilings have R-values of 19/26/38. Within the building, trusses, dimensional lumber, and steel I-beams are unified to create a stronger floor system. Concrete perimeter foundations are used instead of the more common pier foundations and foundation skirting for HUD-code housing, which gives these units the appearance of site-built homes. Garages, porches, sunrooms, and workshops are site-built additions which further enhance the utility and appearance of these homes. No subsidies or non-profits were involved in this project.

PROJECT PARTICIPANTS: Jensens, Inc., (developer), Kristian Jensen III (president), Nick Verzillo (project manager), Shirley Sherman (sales consultant), Shaun Donahue, Tim Whitacre (landscaping) Lou Fernandes (housing construction); New Era Building Systems (housing manufacturer), Elliot J. Fabri (president), Albert W. Peters (general manager), Chris Hepfer (engineering manager); Fred Lindsay, Lindsay Industries; Karl Whitehead, LaSalle-HVAC.


Content Archived: January 20, 2009