HUD's Hammer Award Winners

Model Office Team

The Model Office Team helped HUD restructure the ways in which it provide services to communities. Among the innovations is the creation of the "Community Builder" positions - employees dedicated to understanding the challenges communities face, providing expert assistance for solving local problems, building local partnerships and facilitating the use of HUD resources in these efforts.

HUD Model Office Team: Michele Bernier, Lewis Nixon, Douglas Shelby, Deborah Williams, Tony Hernandez, Karen Miller, Judith Beermann, Mary Ellen Bergeron, Craig Clemmensen, Teresa Emeigh, Bob Etchison, Lauris Irby, Karen Lynne Johnston, Dennis Peacock, Darlene Schonfeld, Monica Schuster, Bob Snipes, Nancy Stegman, Betty Thompson, Brenda Gonzales, ATS, Gene Zapfel, Booz-Allen & Hamilton, Rick Lobsitz, TASC.

Content Archived: February 8, 2013