HUD's Hammer Award Winners

Section 8 Financial Management Center Team

The Section 8 Team was responsible for consolidating the work of 51 HUD offices, 10 Field Accounting Divisions, HUD's Office of Housing, and the Office of Public and Indian Housing. The Section 8 Financial Management Center will provide electronic payment of housing assistance and integrate the financial management of all rental assistance programs administrated by HUD.

Section 8 Financial Management Center Team: Phyllis Angell, Connie App, Paul Aprigliano, Pat Arnaudo, Jerry Benoit, Robert Boepple, Steve Brewer, Anthony Britto, Steve Burgess, Diane Cmiel, Mary Conway, Diann Crawford, Jackie Dean, William Gilliland, Barbara Hunter, Joyce Lee, Duncan Macrae, Frank Malone, Eugenia Ramos, Delbert Reynolds, Joe Riley, Chris Rossillo, Margaret Shaw, Chris Sorenson, William Tamburrino, Bernice Unland, David Vargas, Sue Walker, Marvin Weiss, William Tamburrino.

Content Archived: February 8, 2013