Grand Rapids, MI, Celebrates HUD's Community Development Block Grant Program with Virtual Reality Tour

Thursday, May 17, 2001

HUD's ever-versatile Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program took center stage for a full week last month when Grand Rapids Mayor John Logie proclaimed Community Development Week. The city also held a special "Come Celebrate With Us!" event that took attendees on a Virtual Tour through a slide show featuring several organizations that were recipients of CDBG funds during the past year.

The theme of the virtual tour centered around the popular television and movie shows "Mission Impossible." Among the challenges faced using CDBG included rehabilitation and renovation of housing units into affordable housing for disabled and low-income individuals; providing supportive services; new construction of affordable homes; park/school improvements; inner-city home repair; and clean-up projects and community service to elderly or disabled called "Missions: Accomplished."

The audience enjoying the Virtual Tour
The audience enjoying the "Virtual Tour" of the City of Grand Rapids, CDBG funded projects. Mission given-Mission successful!

Awards were presented to recipients that best exemplified the intent of the CDBG program in the Grand Rapids area. For a full week, a display was set-up in City Hall to allow the public to view the many agencies and projects that the CDBG program supports. Individuals and agencies receiving awards represented the Inner City Christian Federation, Project Rehab-Rites of Passage Program, Gerontology Network, Traveling Grannies/Grandpas Program, Heritage Hill Neighborhood Association and The United Methodist Metropolitan Ministry of Greater Grand Rapids.

Special recognition was given to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, represented by Grand Rapids HUD Senior Community Builder Louis Berra for HUD's significant contribution through the CDBG program that provides grants to states, cities and towns allowing them to support neighborhood initiatives to improve the physical, economic and social conditions within their communities.

Mayor John Logie and Victor Vasquez
Youths from the Rites of Passage program
Mayor John Logie and Victor Vasquez, Asst. City Manager for Planning and Community Development prepare to present the 2001 Community Development Awards. Youths from the Rites of Passage program coordinated by Project Rehab are happy to receive door prizes, which were CDBG Tote bags, from Victor Vasquez and Eileen Pierce, Administrative Analyst.
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