HUD Recognized by GSA

Friday, August 06, 2004

GSA has spotlighted the Department for its outstanding achievement in reducing its travel card delinquency rate to 0% for the month of June.

Below is an excerpt from their Government Travel Card Report.

Spotlight June 2004

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) IBA [Individually Billed Accounts] Delinquency is 0% for the month of June 2004. HUD has worked for more than over one year on new agency specific best practices to combat delinquency. The new best practice initiatives are working! HUD's best practices include: An in-house task force consisting of each program office meeting monthly to discusses delinquency, best practices, internal control systems, training on the latest travel system and reporting tools. HUD also uses internal management review, through their Travel Management Office, by sending each program office monthly delinquency reports to the Deputy Secretary. A key internal management control is each HUD program office signs off and certifies weekly that delinquent employees have been notified. A very unique best practice is the yearly Cardholder Awareness Fair, which brings many stakeholders together to share best practices, new electronic access systems, and much more.

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