HUD Recognizes Exemplary Practices

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

In FY2000, HUD developed a Quality Management Review Program to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of various field office activities. Each year, exemplary performances are recognized by the Department. Over the next month, each of these exemplary practices will be recognized in the Daily Focus Message.

Lead Hazard Initiative

[Photo of Dianne J. Fournier]
Dianne J. Fournier, Regional Web Manager, Harford, Connecticut

This Exemplary Practice was the result of federal, state and local government units working together to benefit children. HUD, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), the Hartford, Connecticut School District, the City of Hartford and the University of Connecticut developed and implemented a lead hazard awareness initiative. During Lead Hazard Prevention Month, October 2001, the USPS's cancellation imprint on more than 500,000 letters mailed in Hartford, Connecticut featured a message about lead paint dangers. The City of Hartford's Lead Abatement Office used HUD funds to develop a training curriculum and materials entitled "Lead Busters Club," to educate third grade students about Lead Poisoning Prevention. Once the students completed the course they were deputized to go home and educate their families and friends. This effort can be replicated throughout the Department.

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