HUD Recognizes Exemplary Practices

Friday, October 08, 2004

In FY2000, HUD developed a Quality Management Review Program to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of various field office activities. Each year, exemplary performances are recognized by the Department. Over the next month, each of these exemplary practices will be recognized in the Daily Focus Message.

Economic and Affordable Housing Summits for Persons with Disabilities

[Photo of Michael A. Colon]
Michael A. Colon, Field Office Director, San Juan, Puerto Rico

This exemplary practice is a customer and community-based effort to empower persons with disabilities. The Puerto Rico Field Office holds an annual Economic Development Summit for Persons with Disabilities. The Office engages cross-discipline support from HUD and numerous community agencies. The summit has a specific theme each year. Previous themes were: Employment of Persons with Disabilities, Empowering Persons with Disabilities, Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities and Affordable Housing for Persons with Disabilities. This practice has been implemented in other field offices through out the Department.

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