HUD Recognizes Exemplary Practices

Friday, October 29, 2004

In FY2000, HUD developed a Quality Management Review Program to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of various field office activities. Each year, exemplary performances are recognized by the Department. Over the next month, each of these exemplary practices will be recognized in the Daily Focus Message.

Electronic Customer Service Correspondence

[Photo of Malea Cochran]
Malea Cochran, Program Support Assistant PIH, Pittsburg, PA

This exemplary practice was developed in the Pittsburgh Public Housing Hub to track all correspondence and to ensure timely and accurate responses to clients and customers. This electronic tool provides information such as the staff member responsible for responding to the correspondence, date due, and subject. It also provides data on how many times a customer has contacted the office. This exemplary practice has been adopted and modified to local needs by public housing offices throughout the Department.

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