Settegast Heights Village in Houston Dedicates New Yvette Scales Learning Center

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

For eight years Yvette Scales has been an active Board Member of Settegast Heights Village Apartments and has served as its Chairperson since 1998. Because of her personal commitment to making sure Settegast Heights Village of Houston was successfully renovated and that its public image was improved, a Neighborhood Networks Learning Center was recently opened and dedicated to her.

[Photo 1: Tyler Jackson, Yvette Scales, and Joyce Wilkerson]
Tyler Jackson, Yvette Scales Learning Center Online Service Coordinator; Yvette W. Scales, Board Member and Chairperson; and Joyce Wilkerson, Site Manager of Settegast Heights Village.

Due to Yvette Scales' commitment and leadership, rehabilitation work plans for the Settegast Heights Village were revised and the J. Allen Management Co. became the new management agent. The property's Board of Directors presented its new renovation plans to HUD to validate that there would be safe and sanitary housing available to the residents. After commencing this work, the property was awarded a grant of $275,000, which would fund the renovation of the activities building and provide computers to establish the Learning Center there.

Today, the new Yvette Scales Learning Center provides a GED program and a computer literacy program for its residents and members of the community. Additional learning programs include tutorial programs for children, ongoing resident activities, free lunch summer programs for children, a National Night Out program, field trips, arts and crafts, health fairs, counseling, programs for at risk kids, and many more activities.

[Photo 2: Children practicing dances]
"Angels of Praise" - Residents at Settegast Heights Village taking part in the Yvette Scales Learning Center dedication.

[Photo 3: A group of people posing in front of the church]
Steve Ashley, husband of Christie Ashley; William (Bill) Fairchild, Board Member, United Church of Christ Foundation of Houston; Raynold Richardson, Director, Houston Multifamily Housing Program Center; Josh Allen, Property Managing Agent, J. Allen Management Co.; Yvette W. Scales, Board Member and Chairperson; Christie Ashley, Board Member; and in the center of the picture, Marilyn Reyes, Board Member.

In addition, the Board recommended three new playground areas. These designated areas are for different age groups to have a safe place to play. Each one of these areas are monitored by security cameras along with the Laundry Room, common areas between buildings, gates, and Community Room.

Settegast Heights Village is owned by the United Church of Christ, and Mr. Tyler Jackson is the current Onsite Service Coordinator for the new Yvette Scales Learning Center. Mr. Jackson also shares Yvette Scale's commitment to improving the lives of the residents living at Settegast Heights Village.

This is a story of personal commitment and leadership that was the key to a successful turnaround for this HUD-assisted property since 1996. Because of her efforts to successfully guide the Board of Directors during the past few years, Settegast Heights Village is today a property the Houston Association of the United Church of Christ can be proud. To thank her for efforts, Ms. Scales was recognized by the naming of the Learning Center in her honor.

HUD representatives at this dedication ceremony included Raynold Richardson, Director, Multifamily Housing Program Center, and Bruce Lakey, Supervisory Project Manager, Multifamily Asset Management.


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