Making Smiles

Monday, October 17, 2005

The children at the Elzie Odom Recreation Center in Arlington had survived a trauma that separated families´┐Żsome, forever. But for a brief time, the hurricane was forgotten as Kristin Hadawi (Senior Representative, CPD) treated about thirty evacuees to pizzas and hamburgers at her home on Labor Day.

[Photo: Kristin, Katie Worsham, A. Cynthia Leon and Donald Babers]
Kristin is joined by CPD Director Katie Worsham, HUD Regional Director A. Cynthia Leon and Donald Babers, Deputy Regional Director.

Kristin, along with her husband and two children, volunteered at the Odom Center each day until all of the evacuees (150 families) were placed in either temporary or permanent housing. In fact, Kristin was at the center until the wee hours of the morning doing whatever she could to help.

CPD Director Katie Worsham noted that the Hadawi children--Kendall and Kaden-- made sure all the kids at the Odom Center had plenty of play time and that each child was involved.

"Kendall never meets a stranger," commented Ms. Worsham, "and when I was at the center, children were all over the place, running, jumping and laughing. The children that were evacuated experienced a traumatic event, but at least they had several days of fun while at the Elzie Odom Recreation Center."

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