Holiday Joy, Compliments of the Birmingham Field Office Staff

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Thanks to the Birmingham Field Office staff, a single mother of four children living in rural Akron, Alabama will no longer have to wonder how to tell her children there will be no special Christmas surprises this year. Despite the poverty in which they live, this Akron family now has all the makings for a very blessed holiday season.

[Photo 1: Donated food]
Some of the non-perishable foods donated by HUD employees for Akron family

After hearing about the plight of the Akron community and of the struggles of people living there, HUD employees Victoria Pippen and Debra Johnson decided something needed to be done. They visited the Akron Elementary school and talked with the principal and teachers about the needs of some of the less fortunate children and what could be done to help. Needless to say, the offer was welcomed and the school faculty quickly agreed on who could be most helped and how�this family, with shoes, clothing and books.

Traditionally, the HUD Employees Association (HEA) provides Christmas for a local family each year, with donations from Field Office employees. After discussion with Victoria and Debra, the HEA suggested that it adopt the family from the Akron School and help provide Christmas for them. As you can see from the pictures below, our employees enthusiastically responded, and donated the shoes, clothing and books these children so desperately needed. The HUD employee response was so overwhelming, in fact, it took three vans to deliver the goods that included bicycles for each of the older children and a big-wheel for the smaller child. There were loads of toys, clothes and food donated to a family selected by the Principal and teachers at Akron Elementary School. Birmingham Field Office staff also provided Christmas gifts for another family in the area, and provided fifty blankets and comforters for senior citizens that were requested by a local charity.

According to Akron Elementary School Principal, Ruth Davis, and homeroom teacher Diane Stewart, the children at the school were in awe by the generosity of people so far away from where they live. To us, it's an example of how federal employees serve the communities.

[Photo 2: Donated gifts][Photo 3: Donated gifts]
Some of the gifts brought in by Birmingham Field Office employees to be donated to family from Akron Elementary School.
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