Pima County Housing Search Website

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Betsy Copeland, Tucson Operations Analyst, and Debbie Thomas, Program Support (FPM) attended a special meeting January 11th sponsored by Pima County. The County is spearheading a website designed to match property owners (or providers) with individuals seeking an apartment or rental home. Debbie contacted HUD's Web Manager, David Lockwood to link HUD's rental page to Pima County. As a result, social services, property owners, housing professionals now have access to real-time rental housing information; much like that of a search on an MLS listing - giving individuals the opportunity to enter search items such as one or two bedrooms, baths, etc. The site is available for owners with properties of up to 120% of the FMR (as determined by HUD for Pima County). This innovative approach to find rental property offers an impressive way to reach the community - the County plans to expand this site to homeownership, fair housing, and legal services.

[Graphic: Pima County website]
Pima County website


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