FY 1998 SuperNOFA Guidebook

Coordination of Competitive Grant Programs

One of the basic goals of the SuperNOFA approach is to make it easier for applicants to coordinate the use of two or more competitive grant programs. HUD�s SuperNOFAs provide communities with a menu of resources to utilize in addressing their problems, not a mandate of what must be used. By having information about all of HUD�s competitive grant programs that are designed to address a single issue area, applicants should have a better understanding of the multiple resources available to address their needs and opportunities. Table II (see Part I) provides a useful starting point for new applicants to begin their efforts at coordination. Applicants can review the table and determine which type of applicants their organizations qualify as. Then they can examine corresponding "Available Programs" to determine which programs might be accessible to them. The following examples describe some ways in which individual applicants can combine two or more competitive grant programs.

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Content Archived: July 19, 2012