Instructions on how to view, complete and save form-fillable PDF's. 

What are Form-fillable PDF's:  Form-fillable PDF's have been created for users of HUDCLIPS.  These forms are created in PDF format and contain text boxes that allow you the user to complete and edit your input on your computer.  

These PDF forms also include a "SAVE" feature unique to all other forms on this site.  The SAVE feature allows users to save a form-fillable PDF to their computer.  Users can save the form-fillable PDF to their computer before or after the form is completed.  Users can then complete, edit and re-save the "saved" form as many times as they wish without logging on to HUDCLIPS.  Instructions on how to do this are posted in the right hand column.

NOTE:  Users should use Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 or higher to receive the best performance from this SAVE feature.  At this time, HUDCLIPS only offers this capability on a limited number of forms. 

Instructions on How to SAVE your PDF's  

1. Click on a document link.  Your document should open up inside your browsers window.

2. Decide whether you want to complete the form online and then save the form or to save a blank form to your computer and complete the form locally.

3. Save process:  On each form at the top of the first page is a "SAVE" button.  When your ready to save the form, click on the SAVE button.

4.  During the SAVE process, you may be prompted with a possible virus warning.  Choose "Save" during this prompt.  Do not choose "Open" as this will interrupt the save process. 

5. After clicking "Save" you will receive a "Save As" dialog box.  Most computer users are familiar with this box.  This box allows you to select the location on your computer where you can save your form-fillable PDF.  You can save it in an existing folder, create a new folder or save it to your desktop. 

6. Once saved, this PDF file can be open and closed, edited and saved.  You can also save an edited version under a new name giving you multiple versions. 

Popup Issues while saving.

Saving these files with Popup blockers will require some users to permit blocked downloads.  Usually, users are prompted when virus software or other system blockers prevent the downloading of files.  These prompts often allow only the current file to be downloaded.  If the "save" feature does not work on your computer, it is most likely this issue. 

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HUD Forms

The following HUD forms include the SAVE feature.
Doc# Title
(hud-23004.pdf)HUD-23004.pdf Survey on Ensuring Equal Opportunity for Applicants
(hud-2530.pdf)HUD-2530.pdf Previous Participation Certification
(hud-2990.pdf)HUD-2990.pdf Certification of Consistency with the RC/EZ/EC-IIs Strategic Plan
(hud-2991.pdf)HUD-2991.pdf Certification of Consistency with the Consolidated Plan
(hud-2993.pdf)HUD-2993.pdf Acknowledgement of Application Receipt
(hud-2994.pdf)HUD-2994.pdf Client Comment and Suggestions
(hud-30001.pdf)HUD-30001.pdf Community Outreach Partnership Centers Program Matching Requirements
(hud-30002.pdf)HUD-30002.pdf Community Outreach Partnership Centers Program Breakdown of Outreach and Research Activities
(hud-30007.pdf)HUD-30007.pdf Community Development Work Study Program Student Data Sheet
(hud-30013.pdf)HUD-30013.pdf Community Development Work Study Program Student Designation of Applicable Graduate Degree Program
(hud-30014.pdf)HUD-30014.pdf Community Development Work Study Program State/Areawide Planning Organization Budget Summary Worksheet
(hud-30015.pdf)HUD-30015.pdf Community Development Work Study Program Student Budget Sheet
(hud-40076.pdf)HUD-40076.pdf Historically Black Colleges and Universities
(hud-40122.pdf)HUD-40122.pdf Section 108 Loan Guarantee State Certifications Related to Nonentitlement Public Entities
(hud-40123.pdf)HUD-40123.pdf Brownsfields Economic Development Initiative (BEDI) Application Form
(hud-40211.1.pdf)HUD-40211.1.pdf YouthBuild Exhibit 2 C 10 Individual Housing Project Site Estimate
(hud-40211.2.pdf)HUD-40211.2.pdf Youthbuild Exhibit 2 C 13a Housing Project Certification For Residential Rental Units
(hud-40211.3.pdf)HUD-40211.3.pdf YouthBuild Exhibit 2 C 13b Housing Project Certifications For Transitional Housing
(hud-40211.4.pdf)HUD-40211.4.pdf Youthbuild Exhibit 2 C 13c Housing Project Certifications for Homeownership
(hud-40211.5.pdf)HUD-40211.5.pdf YouthBuild Exhibit 2 C 15 Enviormental Threshold Information for a Property Proposed for Youthbuild Funding
(hud-40211.6.pdf)HUD-40211.6.pdf YouthBuild Exhibit 4 A Total Youthbuild Grant Budget
(hud-40211.7.pdf)HUD-40211.7.pdf YouthBuild Exhibit 4 B Non-Housing Program Resources
(hud-40211.pdf)HUD-40211.pdf YouthBuild Exhibit 2 C Housing Site Description
(hud-4123.pdf)HUD-4123.pdf Cost Summary
(hud-4125.pdf)HUD-4125.pdf Implementation Schedule
(hud-424-cbw.pdf)HUD-424-cbw.pdf Grant Application Detailed Budget Worksheet
(hud-52515.pdf)HUD-52515.pdf Funding Application Section 8
(hud-52651.pdf)HUD-52651.pdf Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program Coordinator Funding
(hud-52751.pdf)HUD-52751.pdf Ross Funding - Fact Sheet
(hud-52752.pdf)HUD-52752.pdf Certification of Consistency with the Indian Housing Plan
(hud-52753.pdf)HUD-52753.pdf Ross Funding- Certification of Election of Resident Council Board 
(hud-52754.pdf)HUD-52754.pdf Ross- List of resident Organizations Supporting Nonprofit Applicants
(hud-52755.pdf)HUD-52755.pdf Sample Contract Partnership Agreement (3/2004)
(hud-52756.pdf)HUD-52756.pdf Ross - Chart A Program Staffing
(hud-52757.pdf)HUD-52757.pdf Ross - Chart B Applicant/Contract Administrator Track Record
(hud-52758.pdf)HUD-52758.pdf Sample Performance Measures
(hud-52764.pdf)HUD-52764.pdf Sample Ross Work Plan
(hud-52766.pdf)HUD-52766.pdf Sample Business Plan for the Applicants of the Ross Neighborhood Networks Funding Category
(hud-52767.pdf)HUD-52767.pdf Resident Opportunity and Self-Sufficiency Program Public Housing family Self-Sufficiency Funding Request Form
(hud-91186.pdf)HUD-91186.pdf Multi-Family Housing Service Coordinator - First Time Funding Request
(hud-92015.pdf)HUD-92015.pdf Supportive Housing for the Elderly Section 202 Application for Capital Advance Summary Information
(hud-92016.pdf)HUD-92016.pdf Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities Section 811 Application for Capital Advance Summary Information
(hud-92041.pdf)HUD-92041.pdf Sponsor's Conflict of Interest Resolution
(hud-92042.pdf)HUD-92042.pdf Sponsor's Resolution for Commitment to Project
(hud-92043.pdf)HUD-92043.pdf Certification for Provision of Supportive Services (Section 811 Only)
(hud-92045.pdf)HUD-92045.pdf Multi-Family Housing Assisted Living Conversion Program Application Summary Sheet
(hud-96010.pdf)HUD-96010.pdf Logic Model
(hud-96012.pdf)HUD-96012.pdf Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Programs Factor1
(hud-96013.pdf)HUD-96013.pdf Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Programs Factor 2
(hud-96015.pdf)HUD-96015.pdf Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Programs