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Affordable Communities Initiative
3rd Annual National Affordable Housing Roundtable

June 29, 2005

Local officials from cities, towns, and one county came to Washington on June 29, 2005, for HUD's third annual National Affordable Housing Roundtable. The participants, delegates from the 14 winning local governments of the Robert L. Woodson, Jr. Award, were all eager to share the ideas and methods behind their success stories in providing affordable housing through regulatory reform. The two-hour live web-cast roundtable was sponsored by HUD's America's Affordable Communities Initiative as a means to facilitate and encourage communication between local governments on methods of reducing regulatory barriers to decent and attractive affordable housing for America's vital working class.

Two main themes emerged as the roundtable progressed which have enabled municipalities across the nation to break through important barriers to affordable housing. One of these regarded the educating of citizens and the media on affordable housing. By changing public misconceptions about affordable housing, successful communities have found citizens much more receptive of the establishment of affordable housing developments. In addition to education, delegates stressed the significance of building partnerships with the private sector, with national organizations, and with citizens. Through enabling these groups to voice concerns about affordable housing and through inclusion in the planning and production of affordable housing, many local governments have made great strides in providing homes for America's workforce.

The recipients of the Robert L. Woodson, Jr. Award are: Austin, TX; Carolina Municipality, PR; Chicago, IL; Cincinnati, OH; Corte Madera, CA; Fitzgerald, GA; Fort Collins, CO; Grand Forks, ND; King County, WA; Orlando, FL; Oxnard, CA; San Antonio, TX; Santa Fe, NM; and, White Plains, NY

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