Emergency Homeowners' Loan Program (EHLP)

Substantially Similar States

The states listed below administer programs that HUD has determined to be "substantially similar" to EHLP. Therefore, residents in these states who are interested in EHLP assistance must apply directly through the government agency administering the EHLP funds in their respective states.

These state programs may have slightly different eligibility and application requirements than those which apply to the balance of EHLP States. If you live in one of the following states, click on the corresponding link below for more information about the state's eligibility and application requirements:

  • Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (http://www.chfa.org/)
  • Delaware State Housing Authority (http://www.destatehousing.com/)
  • Idaho Housing Finance Association (http://www.ihfa.org/)
  • Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (http://www.mdhope.org/EMA.aspx)
  • Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (http://www.phfa.org/consumers/homeowners/ehlp.aspx)

Content Archived: July 28, 2011