Huntsville Housing Authority's
School Supply Closet Program

[Photo 1: Ms. Vanessa Cameron and the children]
Ms. Vanessa Cameron and the children

[Photo 2: Children getting supplies]
Children getting supplies

Huntsville Housing Authority continues to be innovative and proactive in their programs for their residents. The School Supply Closet Program came about 6 years ago when one of the adult Sunday school classes at First Baptist Church held a yard sale to benefit the families of Council Court. Although planned as a one-time event, the seeds were planted for a long-term relationship that has developed between the two groups. From the beginning, it was decided the best way to build this bridge of communication and love and trust was through the children. While many programs have been developed through this bond, one of the most successful is a school supply closet, established by Ms. Vanessa Cameron, housing manager at Council Court.

School supplies are stored at the church office for the children, including preschool and kindergarten children, and monitored by Ms. Cameron. The church restocks the school supply closet when supplies are low. Backpacks are donated and filled with school supplies for each grade group at the beginning of each school year. Items for special projects require a note from the teachers and are then purchased by the church and donated to the children. Parents of participating children are required to attend PTA meetings.

Content Archived: July 11, 2011