New Country, New Home

It was a long journey from Mexico to homeownership, but hope and perseverance won out for one North Little Rock family.

Vincent and Maria Telles are proud new homeowners in the historic Argenta neighborhood. The couple's journey to North Little Rock began when they left their native Mexico seeking a better life. They originally settled in Chicago and later relocated to North Little Rock. Along the way their family grew with the births of Erica, Mayra, and Armando.

The family's desire for homeownership became more than a dream when Vincent and Maria toured the new home construction taking place on Schaer Street in Argenta. The excitement of the home construction along with the guidance of a local real estate agent led to their enrollment in a HUD-funded homebuyer education class conducted in Spanish at the Argenta NeighborWorks HomeOwnership Center. Soon they were picking out their floor plan, selecting kitchen cabinetry, floor coverings, and the color paint for their new house.

Schaer Street, once a declining area, is in the midst of an award-winning revitalization. The new and renovated homes lining the street, broad sidewalks and bright streetlights help inspire the new sense of neighborhood pride. The Telles selected this neighborhood in which to raise their family. Now their manicured lawn, budding flowerbeds, colorful planters and wind chimes add to the neighborhood atmosphere for Schaer Street.

Vincent, Maria and their children are living the American dream. Through the help of their housing counselor they learned about budgeting, saving money, and recognizing the difference between wants and needs. Using the skills they learned in the homebuying class, they were able to save for a down payment and buy the home of their dreams in the friendly and safe Argenta neighborhood.

Content Archived: July 14, 2011