"Learn and Earn" Technology Program Sister Mary Lucy Neighborhood Network Center

Sister Mary Lucy Neighborhood Network Center offered Community members the opportunity to enhance their technology skills through a "Learn and Earn" Program that gave them the experience of learning the power of technology and the potential for improving their lives, while providing them with the opportunity to earn a computer.

A total of 15 participants enrolled in the Program and many of them asserted that they lacked computer experience and wanted to learn computer skills for their children as well as themselves. Participants met 2 hours a week for 8 weeks and earned a certificate at the completion of the Program, in January 2005.

Subject areas included Computer Hardware; Using Windows; Introduction to MS Word; Introduction to Internet; Using Email; Typing and the Keyboard; Introduction to Power Point; Troubleshooting and Computer Maintenance. The classes were taught in English and Spanish and some subject areas had an assignment or project between classes.

Participants were very excited about learning how to browse the Internet and found it to be a valuable resource while helping their children with their homework. Email also became a useful tool that enabled them to contact friends, businesses and family, which they really enjoyed.

Sister Mary Lucy Neighborhood Network Center expressed gratitude to the Jared Polis Foundation and the Coors Company for the computer contributions that helped to provide a quality program for residents.

Sister Mary Lucy Neighborhood Network Center is proud of the participants involved in this program and will continue delivering access to technology, which is creating an impact in the lives of Cole Neighborhood Families.

Content Archived: September 9, 2011