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The Future of Housing Finance: A Conversation with Congressmen Ed Perlmutter

[Photo 1: Congressmen Ed Perlmutter speaks to audience about the future]
Congressmen Ed Perlmutter speaks to audience about the future

On August 17, 2011, Housing Colorado sponsored an event addressing the future steps of finance for housing in Colorado. Regional Administrator for HUD Region VIII, Rick Garcia spoke about HUD updates prior to introducing congressman Ed Perlmutter. RA Garcia talked about how Denver continues to be recognized as representing sustainable principles throughout the country and affordable housing is at the forefront of all of it in the U.S. Garcia stated, "Housing is the platform to improving people's lives." Housing is a necessity and providing everyone and anyone with a home is the major goal for the future.

Regional Administrator Rick Garcia discusses Housing Finance


Congressman Ed Perlmutter continued to talk about how the country needs to strive to turn jobs around and bring more revenue into the state. Providing affordable homes for elderly and for veterans is crucial to the dignity of the state. With the job market being the lowest it has ever been, accomplishing this is difficult but the state needs to strive for it. If we accomplish these goals it will provide a safety net for our economy and for our lives. The concept that Congressman Perlmutter was, "WITT" meaning "we are in this together." Communal efforts to turning the state and the country around is a joint objective. On a smaller scale and individual efforts need to be taken in order to accomplish larger scale goals.



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