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Hartford Field Office Donates Computer Equipment

[Photo 1: Paulene Adams and Marjorie Sands standing next to donated computer equipment]
Paulene Adams and Marjorie Sands of the Alpha & Omega Christian Academy

[Photo 2: Rocio Barahona next to donated computer]
Rocio Barahona of Saint Rosa of Lima

The Hartford Field Office recently donated excess computer equipment to 9 educational organizations. A total of 54 computers, six printers, two scanners and other equipment were distributed to CT faith and community-based organizations.

The current system for distribution is through the use of the Computers for Learning (CFL) website (http://www.computers.fed.gov/Public/home.asp). Educational and non-profit organizations register through CFL to receive surplus equipment. Computer equipment is donated to registered CT organizations having an affiliation with HUD.

Recipient organizations will use the computers for a wide range of educational activities including the provision of training to children and their parents; computer repair training; support of a local museum's technological programs; support of Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT) preparation courses; resume writing; college essay preparation; small business development and research activities. Organizations were extremely grateful for the donations and thanked HUD stating the donations were a "God-send". The following entities received computers:

  • Alpha & Omega Christian Academy
  • ASPIRA of Connecticut
  • Discovery Museum, Inc.
  • Columbus School
  • Foot Soldier's Academy of Destiny
  • Girls Incorporated of Hartford
  • Saint Rose of Lima
  • The Bridge Academy
  • Wexler Family Resource Center


Content Archived: March 21, 2011

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