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New Homes to be Built in Hartford

[Photo 1: YouthBuild trainees]
YouthBuild trainees on the porch of home they are building.
[Photo 2: Queinton Wolcott addresses audience]
YouthBuild trainee Queinton Wolcott addresses the audience gathered for the award of $700,000 to Co-Opportunity, Inc.

Partnering with Habitat for Humanity, the City of Hartford, and the Carpenters Union, Co-Opportunity, Inc. will use $700,000 in YouthBuild program funding to train 64 youth and construct four new houses in the Hartford area. Once constructed, the houses will be turned over to low-income first-time homebuyers.

On February 10, HUD Regional Director Taylor Caswell joined Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez in awarding the grant to Co-Opportunity, Inc. �The YouthBuild program serves a population that needs a bridge between youth and adulthood,� said Caswell. �It is a win-win since the participants learn high-demand skills while producing affordable homes in their own communities.�

YouthBuild grants are awarded competitively to give young people ages 16-24 who never finished high school a second chance to receive their diplomas. The grants help train young people for a future in the construction trades while producing or rehabilitating homes for lower income families, many facing homelessness.

Over a nine-year period, Co-opportunity, Inc. has helped 302 people graduate from the program while constructing 34 new housing units and rehabilitating 57 units. Visit HUD�s website to learn more about the YouthBuild program.

Content Archived: March 21, 2011

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