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Norwich Energy Efficiency Program

The City of Norwich, CT seized an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of its residents. In partnership with Norwich Public Utilities, the City used Community Development Block Grant funds to develop the Norwich Energy Efficiency Program.

In the past 18 months, the Norwich Office of Community Development funded projects at six public schools that serve a majority of low- and moderate-income students. The projects included lighting and mechanical upgrades, as well as the commissioning of a retro-commissioning report.

Also funded was the installation of insulation at 286 units of public housing. The improvements provided direct benefit to over 300 low-income families. Public housing residents typically pay more for their monthly energy bill than for their monthly rent. The high costs are due to rising energy costs and a lack of energy conservation measures at the time of construction. Although built in New England, many public housing units lack proper insulation.

In addition to providing direct cost savings to city facilities and low-income residents, the projects provide greater benefit by conserving natural resources and reducing carbon emissions. The Office of Community Development is partnering with Norwich Public Utilities this year to install solar panels at the Central Fire Station to reduce carbon emissions by 8 tons annually.

Energy savings can be achieved through minimal efforts - every little bit helps. Contact your local utility company for more information about how you can make a difference. Visit the City of Norwich website (http://www.norwichct.org/) to learn more about the energy efficiency program and HUD's website to learn more about the Community Development Block Grant Program and how to make your home more energy efficient.

[Photo 1: Public housing complexes] [Photo 2: Public housing complexes] [Photo 3: Public housing complexes]
Various public housing complexes receiving new insulation. Norwich Public Utilities estimates that insulation can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%.

Content Archived: March 21, 2011

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