Housing Counseling Updates Meeting

[Photo: Sarah Gerecke and Chris Traczyk]
HUD Deputy Assistant Director for Housing Counseling, Sarah Gerecke, and Farmington Bank Vice President of Community Development, Chris Traczyk

On March 21, 2016, the Hartford Field Office held a Housing Counseling Updates meeting for all HUD approved Connecticut based housing counseling agencies and intermediaries as well as interested community groups including the Hartford Community Loan Foundation.

The meeting was kicked-off by Hartford Field Office Director, Suzanne Piacentini, and followed by HUD Headquarters guest speaker Deputy Assistant Director for Housing Counseling, Sarah Gerecke. Ms. Gerecke gave an engaging presentation on the value of housing counseling, impacts, how counseling helps consumers and real estate professionals, funding trends, counseling grant availability, housing counselor certification resources, oversight & risk, sustainability and updates to the housing counseling awareness campaign.

Ms. Gerecke urged participants to visit HUD's Office of Housing Counseling's new website (https://www.hudexchange.info/programs/housing-counseling/) where housing counseling agency staff can obtain free training (http://www.hudhousingcounselors.com/) in preparing for their housing counselor certification exam. 


Content Archived: January 3, 2018