Recovery Act's Impact Clearly Visible in Lives of Pinellas County Residents

For many public housing residents, the sound of silence marks the end of renovation work to their homes and the beginning of newfound pride and hope, as Recovery Act funding delivers a positive impact on their lives and dreams of a brighter future.

It could not have been more resoundingly proclaimed than by 15-year-old Jesslyn Alicea who, accompanied by parents and siblings, expressed her gratitude during ceremonies recognizing the Recovery Act's success renovating three area housing developments. As a resident of French Villas Apartments, Jesslyn and her family were directly impacted. Jesslyn related, "As a teenager, it's important for me to be proud of where I live. Now, I am happy to say that these improvements made our property pretty and most importantly safe." She specifically thanked President Obama and US HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan for their help.

The keynote speaker, Marcel Charpentier of the US HUD Tampa Office added, "It is an honor to be at French Villas and to see the improvements which will help increase the quality of life for residents. Pinellas County Housing Authority (PCHA) was selected as a High Performer and that's not easy to do. PCHA not only received over $1.3 million in funding for improvements, but will also receive over $895,000 in 2010 for their continued dedication in building and improving their communities."

Angela Rouson, Vice-Chair of the Pinellas County Housing Authority Board of Commissioners, stated, "We are holding this event today to publicly express our appreciation for the ARRA funds that PCHA received, to share with you our use of the funds and the impact on the community, and to express the importance of future funding for the public housing and capital fund programs as there will always be people in need of low-income housing."

State Representative Janet Long of District 51 affirmed that ARRA funding is working and being wisely spent, and thanked President Obama and her colleagues in the Legislature for the stimulus funding. State Representatives Rick Kriseman of District 53, Jim Frishe of District 54, and Darryl Rouson of District 55 provided encouraging remarks, too.


Content Archived: January 6, 2014