Spinal Cord Living Assistance Development, Inc., (SCLAD) Plaza

Grantee: City of Hialeah, Florida
Program: HOME (CHDO)
Grant Amount: $1,326,704 City of Hialeah CHDO HOME Funds
Project Type: Mixed-use facility that houses the SCLAD Resource Center in the first floor and 18 affordable, barrier-free rental units in the additional 3 floors
Project Financing: Neighborhood Lending Partners $544,596
  Grant - Miami-Dade County CDBG Program $50,000
  Florida Housing Finance Corporation - HOME Funds $1,200,000
  Developer Contribution to Project - SCLAD $250,000
  Miami-Dade Surtax $493,000
  Miami-Dade County Building Better Communities (GOB) $494,522
Address: 201 E. 2 Street, Hialeah, Florida, 33010
Funding Organizations: City of Hialeah, Florida, Developer - SCLAD, Miami-Dade County CDBG Program Grant, Florida Housing Finance Corporation - HOME Funds, and Miami-Dade Surtax

Personal/Neighborhood Impact:
This mixed-use project houses the SCLAD Resource Center in the first floor and 18 affordable, barrier-free rental units in the additional 3 floors. Approximately 33% of the units were built for and occupied by individuals with severe mobility impairments and the rest of the units, by other individuals with less severe disabilities and families of low and very low income. From the parking lot to the surrounding areas, the entire project is barrier-free; it has 4 floors, elevators, and ramps. All bathrooms have roll-in showers with accessible shower hardware and safety bars, tilting mirrors, hanging sinks, interior doors swing in both directions so that they may be easily opened from either direction, kitchens have roll-under sinks and stoves are equipped with front controls for safe and easy access and a wall-mounted oven with a cooling rack underneath that is easily pulled out as well as a microwave. SCLAD Plaza is across the street from Park Place, another project built under the same concept, so it enjoys the same strategic location so important for this population.

SCLAD's mission has made a difference in the lives of everyone who lives in any of their projects and in the lives of those who may live elsewhere but are served at the SCLAD Resource Center. Persons with disabilities come to the SCLAD Resource Center searching for help to access special transportation services, assistive technology, vocational assistance, housing services, counseling, benefits, and assistance with immigration problems; at no charge. Most importantly, each client is actively drawn into their own individualized service strategy so that the process in which they participate can have a sustained, long-term effect that will positively impact their lives and become a bit more independent.

[Photo: SCLAD Plaza]


Content Archived: January 7, 2014