Idaho Wildfires: Are you prepared?

[Photo 2: Construction of The Gathering Place]
Wildfire burning adjacent to 2 story house
[Photo 1: Construction of The Gathering Place]
Burned forest and foundations of houses

The Time is Now!

"The best time to fix a leaky roof," you've probably heard it said, "is when the sun is shining." Well, the best time to protect you, your loved ones and your property from wildfires is before fires break out. And that means now.

According to the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, there were more than 47,500 wildland fires in the United States in 2013. The 1,471 wildfires in Idaho consumed more than 770,000 acres or more than 1,100 square miles. And every expectation is that 2014 will be another busy year.

As the temperatures rise in the spring and remain warm until early fall, forests and brush land dry and stay that way. All that's needed then is a lightning strike, a tossed cigarette, a spark from a car or a embers from a poorly-extinguished campfire for a wildfire to start and spread rapidly and widely. Whether more or less than the year before, you can count on the risk of wildfires breaking out this year.

That means that if you have a home where the urban meets the wild you, your family and your property better be ready. Are you? To help, below you'll find links to some useful information to make sure you are. And, of course, what to do should a fire starts near where you live.

Prepare and Prevent

Stay in Touch

And Remember

If you spot a potential wildfire, call 9-1-1 and contact (800) 552-7766. Your and your community's future may depend on it.

For the latest in wildfire protection and prevention: National Interagency Fire Center in Boise (


Content Archived: December 15, 2015