SCCAP's Families in Transition Program

Bill and Betty Johansen (names changed to protect privacy) have four children, ages 3 to 17. They moved to Twin Falls from a large city, out of state, to try and get their life back together and provide a safer environment for their children. The manager of a local emergency shelter referred Bill and Betty to the South Central Community Action Partnership (SCCAP) ( as candidates for their Families in Transition Program.

When staff at SCCAP first met them, Betty had a Telephone Call Center job and Bill was in training for a maintenance position. Bill had a history of mental illness and was on multiple medications. Although he was a journeyman electrician with more than 17 years experience, he could not take the stress of full time work. SCCAP placed them into a transitional housing apartment.

The Johansens paid their bills on time, were faithful to SCCAP's Families in Transition Program goals, followed through with referrals, and took action on their own. SCCAP helped them with car repairs and gasoline to get to their jobs, food, children's clothing, and school supplies. Additionally, SCCAP encouraged Bill in his efforts to get his mental illness under control.

Betty was the breadwinner for this family as Bill went from one employment training position to another. While they were struggling economically, it was clear that their family life and parenting were good. Betty changed to a better paying job. At this time, SCCAP moved the family to a 3-bedroom house, closer to Betty's job.

SCCAP continued to encourage Bill as he saw different doctors and mental health professionals, trying to overcome his mental illness. He found a doctor who totally changed his medication, and in less than two weeks, Bill was, as he said, "a new person."

Bill's change was nothing short of miraculous. His self-confidence and outgoing personality were back. The family was obviously happier. Bill obtained a position with one of Twin Falls' biggest electrical firms. At this writing, he has held that position with them for several months and is doing well. His additional income allowed the family to transition out of SCCAP's Families in Transition Program and rent their own house. Betty is now taking medical courses at the College of Southern Idaho, with a nursing degree goal. The kids are doing well in school. Since moving, the family has volunteered several times with SCCAP.

Bill and Betty are grateful to SCCAP for helping them during a very rough year. By aiding with transitional housing, case management, referrals, and other direct assistance, their family was stabilized, their children remained in school, they were given support and encouragement during trying times.

Content Archived: August 15, 2011