St. Paul Makes Plans to End Homelessness
Within Ten Years

[Photo: Group poses for picture after meeting on homelessness]

Ending homelessness in ten years is one of the main pillars of HUD's mission and strategic plan, and the City of St. Paul clearly demonstrated its commitment to that idea through the Mayor's State of the City address on April 26, 2005. Mayor Randy Kelly made ending chronic homelessness the focus of his speech, delivered at the Dorothy Day Center in St. Paul to over 300 community partners.

St. Paul can never move ahead if we leave any behind," said the Mayor as he stressed new initiatives to intervene in young adult homelessness in the city, and urged St. Paul citizens to join with him "in dedication to the worthy goal of eliminating chronic homelessness in St. Paul." With his commitment, Mayor Kelly became the 30th Mayor of a state capital to commit to a 10-Year Plan.

Prior to his address, the Mayor met with Phillip Mangano and HUD's Region V interagency homeless coordinator Daryl Hernandez. The St. Paul task force on ending homelessness has had two meetings thus far and hopes to develop draft of plan with community support and input by July 1st. They are looking towards a Sept. 10th deadline to complete Plan and are looking to invite us back. In this photo, left to right; Laura Kadwell, Director State of Minnesota Business Plan on Homelessness, Phillip Mangano, Mayor Randy Kelly, Tom Triplett, Sr. Policy Advisor Office of Mayor, Jennifer Leimaile Ho, St Paul 10 Yr. Plan Point of Contact.

Content Archived: July 27, 2011