Minneapolis HUD Field Office Speaker's Bureau

The HUD Minneapolis Field Office has developed a speaker's bureau to share information about HUD programs with the citizens of our State. Our office represents the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development throughout the State of Minnesota and is committed to the goals of increasing homeownership, promoting decent affordable housing, and strengthening communities. We accomplish these objectives by ensuring and enforcing equal housing opportunities, practicing high management standards, and promoting faith and community-based organizations and initiatives.

The divisions of Housing, Public Housing, Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity, and Community Planning and Development oversee our programs, with coordination from Field Policy and Management and support from offices such as Economic Market Analysis and Labor Standards.

Our speakers are ready to present their subjects to your group and talk about HUD's program activities aimed at proving a safe, decent and affordable home to every Minnesotan. Depending upon availability, our speakers will address groups both large and small. If you wish to arrange a presentation to your group, look over the list of speaker's and topics below, read our disclaimer statement, and contact us at MN_Webmanager@hud.gov with this information:


Proposed Request Summary (How can HUD help with your event?):
Requested Speaker and Topic (Refer to listing below):

Speaker: Topic:
Anita Olson, Chief, Customer Service Branch, Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Office of Single-Family Housing How to become an FHA Lender: This 1 hour presentation will cover all details necessary for your company to become an FHA approved lender.
  How to become a HUD approved Housing Counseling Agency: This 1 hour presentation will cover the application process and the benefits for your organization.
  Predatory Lending Issues: This 45 minute presentation will cover current predatory practices in Minnesota. Things to be aware of and how you can avoid predatory lending.
Jaime Pedraza, Director, Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity Rating your applications to the SuperNOFA: This 30 minute presentation is an overview on how HUD rates and ranks applications to the SuperNOFA
  Public Housing and Fair Housing: This 1 Hour Presentation provides an overview of how housing discrimination laws impact the functionality of public housing authorities
  The HUD Discrimination Complaint Process: This 1 hour presentation details our investigative process for Title VIII, Title VI and Section 504 complaints
  Discrimination Based on Disability and Reasonable Accommodations: This is a 1 to 2 hour presentation on how to recognize discrimination based on disability, do's and don'ts for management/on-site staff; basics of reasonable accommodations for the Fair Housing Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973; requests for and responding to requests for reasonable accommodations.

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