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HUD on the Cutting Edge of Energy Savings

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is an agency that is committed to its mission: To increase homeownership, support community development and increase access to affordable housing free from discrimination. To that end, HUD operates according to a comprehensive management plan that was created in concert with the President's Management Agenda and which seeks to maintain high standards in it programs and to continually improve its performance in overcoming challenges. The goals that make up this plan are outlined in HUD's Strategic Plan.

A key component to the achievement of these goals is the formation of partnerships � partnerships within the agency and in the larger community. HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson, on behalf of President George W. Bush, along with former President Bill Clinton, New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Democratic Congressman Elliot Engel, and Chairman Tino Hernandez representing the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), together held a news conference at the Eastchester Community Center in the Bronx on December 7, 2007 to announce a brand new partnership. This new partnership focuses on fostering sustainability and making the many buildings of NYCHA, the country's largest housing authority, more energy efficient and on reducing greenhouse gas emissions through more efficient technology. The Director of HUD's New York Office of Public Housing, Mirza Negron Morales, also in attendance, applauded this ground-breaking initiative.

This "green" initiative in NYCHA's buildings is comprised of the following major components:

  1. Use of computer software to monitor central heating plants
  2. Replace hot water tanks with heating devices that use less fuel, are easier to maintain and provide more efficient service
  3. Replace light bulbs in each apartment and common areas with energy-efficient light bulbs to reduce electric use

For more information on this plan, visit New York City's web site.

This partnership represents an investment of billions of dollars from banks, companies, and other groups. Former President Bill Clinton as part of his Clinton Climate Initiative which is a part of the William J. Clinton Foundation will participate in a purchasing consortium to help NYCHA buy energy efficient technology at reduced prices. For more details, please visit www.clintonfoundation.org.

HUD is committed to ensure that all low-income families in public housing programs live in conditions that meet basic quality standards. Fostering a suitable living environment involves improving physical conditions. Consequently, initiatives that reduce energy consumption will enable NYCHA funds to be utilized in other ways towards this goal. Since NYCHA is the largest public housing authority in the nation consisting of 2,600 developments and housing 408,000 residents, this �green � initiative can feasibly help allocate very significant funding for other projects. This partnership will also serve as very powerful and positive example for other housing agencies across the county.

For more information about HUD's public housing programs, visit www.hud.gov/renting/phprog.cfm.

Content Archived: March 07, 2011

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