Federal Davis-Bacon Wage Survey

Are Davis-Bacon wage rates off the mark? You have the opportunity to help the Federal Government get the "right" information.

As you may know, the last U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) survey in 1996 resulted in major residential rate increases. For example, initially the rate for general laborer in all Oregon urban counties went from $6.50 to nearly $29.00 per hour. Although some increases were alleviated by HUD's action requesting DOL recognition of area practices, many thought Davis-Bacon rates still exceeded the current residential prevailing wages.

DOL will be conducting a new survey. It is very important to have as many contractors and interested parties participate in the new survey as possible in order to provide sufficient information to produce an accurate federal prevailing wage rate for all of Oregon. Please take advantage of this new opportunity to ensure DOL receives the data necessary to establish accurate prevailing wage schedules. Here are the things you can do:

  • Participate In A Survey Workshop. U. S. Department of Labor staff will be in Oregon April 13-21, 2004, conducting free workshops and providing technical advice on how to participate in their wage survey. DOL survey procedures can be complicated, so take advantage of workshops and meetings on survey procedures.

  • Contact Contractors. Contact contractors who construct or rehab non-Davis-Bacon residential housing and ask them to prepare peak workweek wage data for themselves and each of their subcontractors for construction projects underway at least one day between August 1, 2003 and July 31, 2004. Survey mailings will begin in September, 2004. The Survey cutoff date for data submission will be four months later in January, 2005.

  • Submit Certified Payroll Peak Weeks. Rural county local agencies should forward HUD Portland Office Labor Relations Specialist William Toxvard copies of peak workweek certified payrolls on Davis-Bacon covered residential projects underway at least one day between August 1, 2003 and July 31, 2004. Note: This will entail locating the single payroll that reports the most workers in each job classification for each contractor on each Davis-Bacon project. Send certified payrolls to:
    Office of Labor Relations
    400 SW Sixth Ave, Suite 700
    Portland, OR 97204-1632

  • Ask Questions. Answers to frequently asked questions regarding Davis-Bacon wage surveys (www.dol.gov/esa/programs/dbra/faqs.htm).
    Also feel free to contact:

    DOL - Senior Wage Analyst George Marx, (415) 848-6610, or by email: marx@sfc.dol-esa.gov
    HUD - Labor Relations Specialist Bill Toxvard, (503) 326-6379, William_Toxvard@hud.gov

Content Archived: August 16, 2011