2007 Oregon Spring Photo Gallery

See how HUD funds benefit your community.

[Photo 1: 2007 Fair Housing Poster Content winner]
Nations and Neighbors Together
"Nations and Neighbors Together - Fair Housing For All!!!" was the theme of the 9th Annual Fair Housing Poster Contest sponsored by the Fair Housing Council of Oregon (FHCO). Through outreach, education and investigations, FHCO partners with HUD to assure that everyone understands "Fair Housing is Not an Option, It's the Law". Have you experienced housing discrimination?

[Photo 2: Latino Homebuying Fair]
Homebuying Fairs
More than 1000 people attended Portland's 9th annual Latino Homebuying Fair held at the Oregon Zoo in April 2007. It is one of several fairs that bring homebuying information to everyone. See our calendar for info about upcoming fairs and other events.

[Photo 3: Trenton Terrace apartments]
Trenton Terrace
Trenton Terrace brings housing for the elderly to New Columbia. Northwest Housing Alternatives, an Oregon non-profit, used HUD's Section 202 program and other funding sources to bring 61 units of housing for the elderly to the Housing Authority of Portland HOPE VI project New Columbia.

[Photo 4: House with the first FHA-insured mortgage in Oregon]
FHA Makes Homeownership Possible
FHA insured its first Oregon home loan in 1935 for this house in Astoria. Today, FHA is being modernized to continue to meet the needs of citizens who are not being served by the private sector.


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