NSP in Puerto Rico
Success and Opportunity for Homeowners

[Photo 1: Twelve new homes in Maricao]
Twelve new homes in Maricao

The continued success of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program in Puerto Rico is making homeownership a reality for many low and moderate income families while improving their quality of life in a variety of neighborhoods.

Seven municipalities around the island received NSP grant funds; these communities have been adversely impacted by the economic and housing crisis the island is facing, which has resulted in countless foreclosed or abandoned properties and structures. As a whole, the recipient municipalities received more than $19 million which translated into 78 families with beautiful new homes, a wonderful community park in Guanica, and the rehabilitation of the former San Jose Theater into the new San Jose Community Center.

The agency that manages the NSP funds in Puerto Rico, the Office of the Commissioner of Municipal Affairs, has indicated that these housing projects contribute to the transformation they strive for in order to improve the quality of life of the citizens. This transformation comes about through the creation of efficient surroundings that are vibrant, safe, habitable, and protected. The agency seeks to create cities with an adequate balance between public spaces and residential areas.

[Photo 2: Community park in Guanica]
Community park in Guanica
[Photo 3: The former San Jose Theater is the new San Jose Community Center]
The former San Jose Theater is the new San Jose Community Center


Content Archived: October 3, 2014