Revitalizing Downtown Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

[Photo: Plaza Casals, beautifully restored mixed-use building, in the City of Mayaguez]
Plaza Casals, beautifully restored mixed-use building, in the City of Mayaguez.

The City of Mayaguez, known for its beautiful plazas and universities, is moving towards developing a popular, vibrant downtown area with a revitalization project that includes several housing developments. One of those projects is Plaza Casals, a beautifully restored mixed-use building that will provide eight low-income families with affordable rental homes that are close to the local market, transportation, schools, postal services, businesses, and medical offices. This substantial rehabilitation project was made possible with $500,000 in HOME funds, program income, and $139,000 in CDBG funds, as well as funds from other entities for a total investment cost of $1,080,335.

The rehabilitation work was executed by INDESOVI of Puerto Rico, a non-profit organization that is committed to developing sustainable projects in conjunction with local agencies and municipalities to address development situations and social problems by providing solutions to those with limited resources, fulfilling the need for affordable housing.

Plaza Casals continues to be a mixed-use building, consisting of two- and three-bedroom apartments with a total of 108 solar panels that reduces their electric bill by about $120 per family! Other amenities included in the 8 units are air conditioners, automatic storm shutters, fully furnished kitchen with Energy Star appliances, and an Energy-Star washer and dryer combo.


Content Archived: January 16, 2018