In Naguabo, Puerto Rico, Vaccination and Well-being Services Clinic for a Healthy Back-to-School

[The August 6th vaccination clinic was widely promoted in the community]
The August 6th vaccination clinic was widely promoted in the community.

[A 12-year-old receives his COVID-19 vaccine]
A 12-year-old receives his COVID-19 vaccine.

Schools in Puerto Rico started in mid-August, and the Department of Education mandated that all students who are to attend in-person classes, and are vaccine eligible, must have at least the first shot by the start of classes.

Families living at Los Húcares I & II, a HUD subsidized multifamily development in the municipality of Naguabo, were able to secure their vaccine. On August 6, HUD, in partnership with the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and the Federally Qualified Health Center COSSMA (FQHC), brought COVID-19 vaccines and other health services to Los Húcares and surrounding communities.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Naguabo has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the island, which us why it was selected by the HUD team as a priority community to implement targeted outreach and vaccine-related strategies. COSSMA Director Norma Antomattei is passionate about the job ahead: "Even if we change the life of one person a day, that is 365 people a year whose lives have been positively impacted."

COSSMA also provided blood pressure tests, pediatric evaluation, nutritional education, anxiety management, and dental certificates required for back-to-school. For children who were not vaccine-eligible, the Puerto Rico Addiction and Mental Health Services Administration provided an illusionist show to teach about emotions and mental health.


Content Archived: January 31, 2023