Former Affordable Housing Tenant in Clemson, South Carolina Recognized for Achieving Self-Sufficiency

[Photo: Former Affordable Housing Tenant Recognized for Achieving Self-Sufficiency]
Former Affordable Housing Tenant Recognized for Achieving Self-Sufficiency

An old proverb "The proof of the pudding is in the eating" basically means that the quality of something is uncertain until it has been directly tested. A definite testament to this truth is Val as her friends call her. A "former" low-income multifamily housing resident Val was featured in a HUD Success Story posted to the South Carolina HUD Office web page on March 11, 2013. The story was an inspiration to the HUD Columbia Multifamily Program Center that it eventually served as a platform for establishing the first Self Sufficiency Award which was presented to Val at the annual Southeastern Affordable Housing Association ( (SAHMA) State Meeting in March 2013.

Since then, Val was awarded Westminster's Resident Superstar Award at their annual conference held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on May 21, 2013. To earn the award, she had to demonstrate a dedication to self, family and community. Val proved that she possesses all the personal traits and qualities to be considered a HUD Success Story role model as she demonstrated a strong work ethic that was characterized by hard work and commitment to not quit and to do her best.

Val's determination along with help from loving friends is a key factor that motivated her to achieve the goal of becoming self-sufficient. To illustrate this point, when HUD staff initially met Val, she was living at Creekwood Village Apartments, a 100% subsidized apartment community, located in Clemson, South Carolina. Since then she achieved a major milestone in her journey to becoming self-sufficient, and is currently residing in a single family home.

While she is still renting, Val and her family are no longer receiving Section 8 housing assistance. Additionally, she continues to save funds with the hope of buying her first home by this time next year and plans to graduate from college in the spring of 2014.

Her success did not end there as Val started a new job the middle of last month, as a Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Program Coordinator, with the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce. Her responsibilities include coordinating student services that are funded through WIA from enrollment through graduation, and assisting those who successfully complete program requirements with entering the workforce.

Val continues down the road to self-sufficiency and we look forward to reporting later on the purchase of her first home.

Ms. Elaine Bennett of the HUD South Carolina Multifamily Staff prepared the story and Pamela Broome, Resident Service Coordinator, Creekwood Village Apartments contributed to this article.


Content Archived: October 7, 2014