Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Event
Rick Garcia, Region VIII Administrator Summary Talking Points
May 25, 2011

Barnum Recreation Center, 360 Hooker Street, Denver, CO

HUD Regional Administrator Rick M. Garcia joined the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the City of Denver to discuss the important partnership to increased sustainable affordable housing in West Denver at the Barnum Recreation Center on May 25, 2011. The community meeting was kicked off by Deputy Mayor Jack Finlaw discussing community, city, state and federal members working together to revitalize west Denver, followed by EPA Regional Director Terry Rosapep's discussion on the federal partnership and six sustainable living principles. Regional Administrator Rick Garcia lauded the Denver Housing Authority on their planning efforts and being awarded a $22 million HOPE VI award.

Here are his remarks:

Thank you Terry for the introduction, it is always a pleasure to find myself speaking with a fellow Federal Partner and the Denver Deputy Mayor Jack Finlaw.

I am very familiar with the Denver Transit Oriented Strategic Plan, since it was adopted in 2006 while I served as Denver's City Councilman in District 1. It was exciting then; and now as the Regional Administrator for Region VIII it continues to be exciting.

[Photo 1: Regional Administrator Rick Garcia speaks at the TOD Kick]
Regional Administrator Rick Garcia speaks at the TOD Kick-Off regarding the Challenge Grant the Tiger II grant that total $2.9 million from HUD and DOT for the West Corridor Project.
[Photo 2: Attendees at the West Corridor Kick-off gathering at Barnum Recreation Center]
Attendees at the West Corridor Kick-off gathering at Barnum Recreation Center in West Denver listening to Regional Administrator Rick Garcia.

In my new role I am able to see how the implementation of the plan works at the Regional and National Level. I now have the opportunity to see firsthand the great work the Office of Community Planning and Development and the local partnership does and the impact it has in the entire region.

Denver was awarded a $1.8 million Challenge Grant from HUD ... to foster reform and reduce barriers to achieving affordable, economically vital, and sustainable communities; as RA Terry Rosapep mentioned in his presentation we have teamed up to make a greater impact with our combined federal resources.

Our desired outcome is to compliment each of our programs. By combining the HUD/DOT money we provide a more comprehensive opportunity because HUD's funds can do things that DOT's funds cannot do such as the grant provides staff resources for the continued administration of the Housing Development Assistance Fund.

HUD's money can provide access to housing and to jobs, the TOD Plan identifies three public housing projects located adjacent to existing or planned transit stations where redevelopment is a possibility and in one case a reality:

Although, South Lincoln Park Homes (270 units) on 10th and Osage station is on the Central Corridor; it is adjacent to the West Corridor line and recently was awarded a HUD HOPE VI $22 million grant.

The other possible redevelopments sites are Sun Valley (333 units) on the Decatur Station and Westridge (210 units) on the Knox Court Station. In addition, HUD has also awarded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act $10 million to South Lincoln Park Homes for Senior Housing presently under construction.

[Photo 3: Steve Gordon and Community Planning staff provide information to residents]
Steve Gordon, Denver Planner oversees Community Planning staff provide information to residents in Barnum neighborhood about the transit oriented development.
[Photo 4: Ismael Guerrero speaks with Kathy Sandoval, concerned resident]
Denver Housing Director Ismael Guerrero speaks with Kathy Sandoval, concerned resident of West Denver at the TOD Kick-off.

The Sun Valley and Westridge sites similar to the South Lincoln Park Homes site has its unique proximity to transit that will offer the people living in these developments access to jobs and services in and around the Denver Metro area as well as the possibility of redevelopment of commercial near these same transit stops.

I have always seen the investment possibilities in Denver for jobs, attracting new businesses, housing and better transit oriented development that looks at improving the lives of the people of Denver. Now I have the opportunity to share with the rest of the Country that "Denver is a model for potential regional development."

We look forward to continuing this partnership with the local community as well as with our Federal Partners...

Once again, thank you for this opportunity to share with you the excitement for the future of the West Corridor.

Here to talk about the Denver Livability Partnership are co-project managers Caryn Wenzara and Deirdre Oss from Denver Community Planning and Development.

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