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HUD 2-19-09
Jerrie G. Magruder
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February 19, 2009


NASHVILLE - U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan today announced that the Obama Administration is awarding $17,840,407 in grants to over one hundred local homeless programs throughout
Tennessee. HUD grants offer homeless individuals and families a wide range of housing and support services.

"With the foreclosure and unemployment crisis looming, millions of families - both homeowners and renters - are in danger of losing their homes so we must focus substantial resources to help those families find stable housing," said Donovan. "The grants being awarded today, along with the recovery plan's additional $1.5 billion, will offer a critical lifeline to those persons and families who, after a foreclosure or job loss, might otherwise be faced with
homelessness. Today we are announcing an unprecedented commitment to fund programs that have a proven track record of providing real housing solutions for our most vulnerable neighbors."

Included in today's announcement, HUD is awarding $24 million to create new pilot programs in 23 local communities
to rapidly rehouse homeless families with children. These local pilot programs will become the basis of a significantly expanded $1.5 billion effort to offer quick housing assistance to homeless families and to prevent homelessness
among those facing a sudden economic crisis.

HUD's funding is provided in two ways:

  • Continuum of Care Grants provide permanent and transitional housing to homeless persons. In addition, Continuum grants fund important services including job training, health care, mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment and child care. More than $1.5 billion in Continuum of Care grants are awarded competitively to local programs to meet the needs of their homeless clients. Continuum grants fund a wide variety of programs from street outreach and assessment programs to transitional and permanent housing for homeless persons and families.

  • Emergency Shelter Grants provide funds for the operation of local shelters and fund related social service and homeless prevention programs. Emergency Shelter Grants are allocated based on a formula to state and local governments to create, improve and operate emergency shelters for homeless persons. These funds may also support essential services including job training, health care, drug/alcohol treatment, childcare and homelessness prevention activities. By helping to support emergency shelter, transitional housing and needed support services, Emergency Shelter Grants are designed to move homeless persons away from a life on the street toward permanent housing.


HUD is the nation's housing agency committed to increasing homeownership, particularly among minorities; creating affordable housing opportunities for low-income Americans; and supporting the homeless, elderly, people with disabilities and people living with AIDS. The Department also promotes economic and community development, and enforces the nation's fair housing laws. More information about HUD and its programs is available on the Internet

Fiscal Year 2008
Continuum of Care Competition
Homeless Assistance Award Report with ESG
CoC Number and Name
Project Name Program
Awarded Amount
TN-500 - Chattanooga/Southeast Tennessee CoC    
Community Voice Mail SHPR $34,240
Family Way SHPR $211,255
FHLC SHPR $105,875
HELP II SHPR $94,828
Homeless Management Information System SHPR $100,558
Mitchell Home SHPR $138,649
SAFAH SHPR $90,873
Shelter + Care S+CR $224,616
Shelter Plus Care Collaborative Initiative Vouchers S+CR $298,320
Shelter Plus Care Program S+CR $187,164
Supportive Housing Program SHP $549,436
Transitional Housing (SHP) SHPR $27,978
  Total: $2,063,792
TN-501 - Memphis/Shelby County CoC    
Alice Avenue SHPR $13,537
Aloysius Commons Shelter Plus Care S+CR $129,732
Aloysius New Beginnings SHP $433,654
Alpha Omega Veterans Services Permanent Supportive Housing SHPR $165,900
Alpha Omega Veterans Services Transitional Housing & Supportive Services SHPR $93,424
Dozier House SHPR $495,350
Families in Touch (FIT) SHPR $193,040
Family Haven Apartments SHPR $107,173
Family Tree Destiny Center Housing Program SHPR $245,477
Genesis House SHPR $455,355
HMIS Expansion Project SHP $100,170
Home Plus Shelter Plus Care Project S+CR $311,100
Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) SHPR $37,572
Memphis Family Shelter SHPR $197,886
MIFA Housing Opportunities - Estival Communities SHPR $497,674
MIFA Housing Opportunities - Satellite SHPR $157,287
Renewal Place SHPR $385,192
Shelby County Medical Detoxification Services for Homeless Individuals SHPR $35,516
Sophia House SHPR $296,565
Supportive Housing Program SHPR $168,748
The Phoenix Project SHPR $78,750
  Total: $4,599,102
TN-502 - Knoxville/Knox County CoC    
Elizabeth's Home- Family Transitional Housing SHPR $116,698
Families In Need SHPR $90,096
Housing with Supportive Services SHPR $64,151
Knoxville HMIS SHPR $132,282
Operation Bootstrap Transitional Housing Program SHPR $207,648
Parkridge Harbor Apartments SHPR $70,204
Pleasant Tree Apartments SHPR $268,697
Project SUCCEED SHPR $139,050
REACH SHPR $104,580
  Total: $1,193,406
TN-503 - Central Tennessee CoC    
HNM A SHPR $444,151
HNM B SHPR $228,444
HNM C SHPR $445,652
HNM HMIS SHPR $131,539
HNM Permanent Housing - Origina SHPR $24,850
HNM Permanent Housing - South Central SHPR $73,047
HNM Permanent Housing - Mid Cumberland SHPR $71,375
HNM Plato SHPR $49,575
hope house th SHPR $74,212
  Total: $1,615,681
TN-504 - Nashville/Davidson County CoC    
Employment Counselor SHPR $50,000
Exodus Transitional Housing Program SHPR $56,910
Freedom Recovery Community SHPR $117,401
HMIS Homeless Management Information System SHPR $58,161
Independence Recovery Community SHP $195,776
Independence Recovery Community - Samaritan Bonus SHP $128,555
Mercury North SHP $238,000
Mercury North-Chronic SHP $122,250
Merged SHP Grant SHPR $168,705
Odyssey Project SHPR $132,668
Permanent Supportive Housing SHPR $47,982
Progressive Housing SHPR $37,241
Renewal House - Family Residential Operations and Aftercare SHPR $60,443
Safe Havens SHPR $124,080
SAVE Transitional Housing SHPR $35,002
Shelter Plus Care 170 units S+CR $1,414,608
Shelter Plus Care 22 units S+CR $177,000
Shelter Plus Care SRA with Park Center S+CR $42,048
The Academy SHPR $120,000
Transitional Housing SHPR $229,565
  Total: $3,556,395
TN-506 - Oak Ridge/Upper Cumberland CoC    
GHI Lodge Program SHPR $64,161
HOPE Permanent Housing Project SHPR $19,202
Pathways Housing Services SHPR $84,180
S+C S+CR $66,792
Upper Cumberland HMIS Expansion Project SHPR $18,340
Upper Cumberland HMIS Project SHPR $70,000
  Total: $322,675
TN-507 - Jackson/West Tennessee CoC    
Carroll Co Apartments SHPR $25,107
Henderson County Rental Assistance Program SHP $62,183
Herrington Place SHPR $61,595
HMIS SHPR $55,956
Hope's Cottage SHPR $38,369
Housing the Indigent SHPR $63,408
Lifehouse SHP $58,345
Permanent Housing with Supportive Services in Jackson, TN SHPR $68,595
Rental Assistance for Northwest TN S+CR $181,548
Stewart County Shelter Plus Care S+C $113,880
Tiptonville Apartments SHPR $17,150
Transitional Housing for Victims of Domestic Violence SHPR $72,976
Waverly Home SHPR $36,426
West Wood Street Home SHP $109,226
Women's Permanent Housing SHPR $65,352
  Total: $1,039,116
TN-509 - Appalachian Regional CoC    
Appalachian Mountain Homeless Family Transitional Housing SHPR $70,459
Appalachian Mountain Homeless Family Transitional Housing Expansion SHPR $65,440
HMIS SHPR $102,952
Homeless Law Project SHPR $16,870
Manna House SHPR $117,759
SPC I Renewal Project S+CR $189,180
The Salvation Army, a Georgia Corporation SHPR $70,099
  Total: $824,481
TN-510 - Murfreesboro/Rutherford County CoC    
2008 S+C Renewal One S+CR $271,272
Charter Leasing 2008 SHP $58,806
Chronic Leasing 2008 SHP $23,394
Family Leasing Project 2008 SHP $96,603
  Total: $450,075
TN  ESG    
KNOXVILLE   $82,740
MEMPHIS   $356,955
TN STATE PROGRAM   $1,520,188
  Total: $2,175,684
  State Total: $17,840,407


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