Longview Celebrates First Learning Center

Fort Worth Multifamily Hub staff, the Longview Police Department and the Jerusalem Charitable Trust joined property managers and residents of the Jerusalem Apartment Complex in celebrating the grand opening of the S.Y. Nixson Computer Learning Center, Longview's first Neighborhood Networks Community Learning Center.

The new S.Y. Nixson Computer Learning Center is located on the grounds of the City of Longview's Jerusalem Apartment Complex, a HUD-assisted, 100-unit housing complex in Longview, Texas, which is also home to an on-site police substation. Police officers not only provide security to residents and the surrounding neighborhood, but also serve as positive role models and potential mentors for the youth of the complex and community.

The Jerusalem Charitable Trust, a Longview Faith-based organization affiliated with Southern Baptist churches, developed the learning center. The stated mission of the center is: "Through providing a learning center, we hope to minimize the drug problem plaguing our community, by linking the community to new technology and educational software." To begin accomplishing that mission, the learning center is bringing community service groups together, like the Longview Police Department, the Girl Scouts of America and the local Citizens To Save Our Children organization to benefit the residents and community.

The S.Y. Nixson Computer Learning Center is offering free planned activities and educational courses for children and teenagers every Wednesday and Thursday. They are offering free seminars on housing, job placement, teen pregnancy, drug prevention and college placement to adults throughout the week as well. Books will also be available for public reading at the center.

The Fort Worth HUD Office was recognized during the Grand Opening celebration for its assistance and leadership role in making the S.Y. Nixson Computer Learning Center a reality. HUD representatives instrumental in the opening of the new learning center included Riley Henderson, the Fort Worth Multifamily Housing Project Manager, and Vernon Butler, Jr., the Fort Worth Multifamily Resident Initiatives Specialist.

Content Archived: July 22, 2011