What Owning a Home Would Mean to My Family

(From the perspective of one day, having my own family)

By Andrew Simpson

Astrologically, I am a Cancerian. What does this have to do with owning a home? We are said to be the nurturers and intuitive people in the astrological group. We are ruled by a feminine power, the moon, therefore, we are very much concerned with the physical and emotional aspects of our home and loved ones. We are still business like and people of the arts, but with an emphasis on matters of the heart. Still asking the same question? Well, it will become clear as this essay continues.

There was a time in the history of the human race when a home meant everything. A time when morals and values were very much alive. If there was one place where you felt safe and loved, it was home. The world was and still is a cruel and unusual place. When you were treated unfairly, there was no place like home. Just ask Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and I'll bet she'll tell you; Kansas is the place for her. Home was a place where you could learn and grow, a place of rest and relaxation. A place where parents would teach and set examples so that their kids could one day go out and start their own families in their own homes.

Too many times in today's society, that's not the way things are. What happened? It happened then, but nowhere near as much as it does today. Too many times, home is the place that we try to stay away from. For some, it's the center of commotion in our lives. Too many times, our homes are broken. One mother, one father, or grandparents are left to raise a second and even third generation of kids. Too many times, our homes are domestic violence resorts with no love, respect, or trust in place. Homes where there is no communication between parents and kids. Homes where kids are left to deal with and stumble upon the dangers and uncertainties of this world. Homes where parents are not the ones in charge and the kids are in the streets as they please. No values, morals, nothing like the way things used to be. This is not true for every home and maybe not even the majority of the homes, but it still occurs far too often. I can't explain the reason. Are modern day advances to blame or is this just another fulfillment of the prophecies in the Bible?

Having a place I can go to and call my own is very important to me. When the world has beaten me down, that should be my place of retreat and relaxation. There's more to it than that, because if that were the case, then I could just stay in an apartment. An apartment brings too many restrictions with it and you'll never be able to own it. Condos are like houses stacked on top of and next to each other. Condos pretty much come with all the restrictions of an apartment but you will be able to own it if that's your cup of tea. Neither of the two provides you with true peace and privacy. You don't have a yard of your own, and then there are pet restrictions or additional fees, and all sorts of regulations and limits. I'm not even going to comment on neighbors on either side, above or below you. Why pay $500 or more monthly to rent when you can pay that same amount or lower to own?

Owning a home is said to be the "Great American Dream". I don't know about that, but I do know that it's one of my dreams. Anyone can own a house. I want more than a house; I want a home. Someone may ask, "What's the difference?" A house is just a building with rooms separated by wires and walls and doors. A home is that same building with the addition of people living in it. Not just any people, but people who love and care for each other very much. Every family has their problems. It's not the problems that make us different, but how we handle them.

I consider the home a sanctuary and that my life is only going to be as happy as it is at home, because at the end of the day, that's where I will end up. What better way to end your day than to come home to a wife and kids who love you? Even if it's coming home to an empty house, I want to be able to have fun and really enjoy life, all in the comfort of my home.

I know I'm young. I just turned 18 on July 17, 2004. Despite that, I'm ready to settle down with the person I really love and start working on that home and that future family where we're happy and our kids are healthy. To me, that's what this life is all about. In order for me to stay happy, I have to feel loved and wanted. Not so much from family because I feel that that should come naturally, even though too many times it doesn't. That feeling of love and being wanted by my own significant other and one day by my own kids will be great. I believe that having my own home would provide that feeling and that atmosphere at a greater level. Owning a home isn't something that happens quickly. It takes time. But when you finally get it and move in and realize all the work and struggles that went into it, then you love and appreciate that house even more.

Nothing makes me happier than spending time with the person I truly love. Sometimes that's not always easy. We might live a substantial distance from each other and that might cause problems. Also, our working schedule could also produce the same results. If we had a house together, then it wouldn't be a big problem. Just sitting next to the person I love and not saying a word is good enough for me. A house could provide that opportunity. With a home, it's just me and my family. Our rules and regulations, our do's and don'ts, and whatever else.

I want my kids to have the freedom to roam about without too much worrying about something happening to them. I want a huge front and even bigger back yard. I would like to have a lot of land. I would love to have horses, dogs and other animals. I want an overall safe haven for my family. A home would provide that.

When I find the home that my family and I decide will be the one to keep, then I could turn that into my own fantasy getaway. I could even pave my own tennis and basketball courts. We could invite friends and family over on holidays and other occasions. Whatever the case may be because it's my home.

I want my home to be a place where my kids can escape the pressures of the world. A place where they will learn morals and values, to love and respect, and how to dream, for with hard work, dreams do turn into reality. I want my home to be a place where my family can sit together to discuss and overcome our problems, either external or internal. I'm striving to have that home and that family. Like the saying goes, "Shoot for the moon, for if you fall short, you'll land among the stars."

I know everything won't go as planned, but in striving to be perfect, things could only be good. A home would mean everything for my family and me. With a Cancerian background, it's more than possible.

Content Archived: July 22, 2011