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October 30, 1996


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development today awarded $6.5 million in grants to 22 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to continue the stimulation of economic development and promotion of neighborhood revitalization in their communities.

These awards are part of the Clinton Administration's effort to involve colleges and universities in activities to create jobs and renew neighborhoods.

"These colleges and universities are the storehouses of leadership necessary to revitalize their communities," said HUD Secretary Henry G. Cisneros. "These institutions have demonstrated by their repeated good performance and well-planned projects their desire and capacity to take on this challenge."

HBCUs receiving 1996 grants follows:

Philander Smith College, Little Rock, AR               ($300,000)
Johnson C. Smith University, Charlotte, NC             ($300,000)
Albany State University, Albany, GA                    ($300,000)
Howard University, Washington, D.C.                    ($300,000)
North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC          ($300,000)
Elizabeth City State University, Elizabeth City, NC    ($300,000)
Jackson State University, Jackson, MS                  ($300,000)
North Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro, NC    ($300,000)
Wiley College, Marshall, TX                            ($300,000)
Xavier University, New Orleans, LA                     ($300,000)
Texas Southern University, Houston, TX                 ($300,000) 
Coppin State College, Baltimore, MD                    ($300,000) 
Langston University, Langston, OK                      ($300,000) 
Alcorn State University, Lorman, MS                    ($300,000) 
Stillman College, Tuscaloosa, AL                       ($300,000) 
St. Phillip's College, San Antonio, TX                 ($300,000) 
Talladega College, Talladega, AL                       ($300,000) 
University of D.C., Washington, D.C.                   ($300,000) 
Norfolk State University, Norfolk, VA                  ($300,000) 
St. Augustine's College, Raleigh, NC                   ($300,000) 
Kentucky State Univ., Frankfort, KY                    ($253,794) 
Spelman College, Atlanta, GA                           ($246,206).  

Activities planned by these institutions include the renovation and construction of housing; development of community centers and job training centers; development of small business incubators; and programs for job counseling and placement.

Deputy Secretary Dwight P. Robinson said, "HBCUs bring sound management principles and a focused expertise to the many prob- lems facing their communities. The communities benefit greatly from their experience and leadership."

Assistant Secretary Andrew M. Cuomo, who is responsible for the HBCU program, said: "HBCUs come as talented and experienced citizens ready to share their expertise with their neighbors in improving their neighborhoods."

Since 1992, HUD's Office of Community Planning and Development has awarded $36.5 million to eligible institutions. The program is authorized by the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974.


An allocation of funding has been approved to provide assistance through the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Program as follows:

1. Project Number: B-96-SB-AR-0001 Grantee: Philander Smith College Grant Amount: $300,000 Project City/State: Little Rock, AR 72202 Project Contact/Phone Number: Dr. Myer L. Titus, President Ph: 501-370-5275 FAX: 501-370-5278


Development of a small business incubator to help new businesses get started with a formula for a successful venture. Additionally, the small business incubator will help existing businesses which are not performing well get on track with a successful business plan and systems. Also, activities include, construction of new housing and rehabilitation of existing housing with the focus on homeownership for low and moderate income families. Families will receive financial assistance ranging from grants to loans with a forgivable portion, as well as conventional loans.

2. Project Number: B-96-SB-NC-0002 Grantee: Johnson C. Smith University Grant Amount: $300,000 Project City/State: Charlotte, NC 28216 Project Contact/Phone Number: Dr. Dorothy Cowser Yancy, President Ph: 704-378-1008 FAX: 704-372-5746


Build new affordable housing and stabilize the existing housing stock. The University will also identify, plan, market and develop community based space for vendors, service providers and entrepreneurs who have as their primary market the residents of the Northwest Corridor of Charlotte, North Carolina. Additionally, the University will produce a newsletter at least quarterly to be distributed to the more than 4,500 households and businesses in the Corridor.

3. Project Number: B-96-SB-GA-0001 Grantee: Albany State University Grant Amount: $300,000 Project City/State: Albany, GA 31705 Project Contact/Phone Number: Dr. Portia Holmes Shields, President Ph: 912-430-4604 FAX: 912-430-3836

Albany State University will, in partnership with the Albany State College Inner City Community Development Corporation, provide technical assistance to first time home buyers. Low and moderate income participants completing the program will participate in the city's affordable Home Ownership Program. Albany will also acquire a four unit property to be renovated to provide relief for four families displaced by a flood. A third task will be to provide technical assistance to businesses which apply for and receive micro- business loans from the City of Albany.

4. Project Number: B-96-SB-DC-0001 Grantee: Howard University Grant Amount: $300,000 Project City/State: Washington, DC 20059 Project Contact/Phone Number: Mr. H. Patrick Swygert, President Ph: 202-806-2500 FAX: 202-806-5934

Howard University proposes to join its community partners in formally incorporating a community development organization (in essence a super-Community Development Corporation) which unifies the resources, assets, and skills available in the Georgia Avenue Community Renaissance Initiative (GACRI) impact area to bring about revitalized urban neighborhoods on and adjacent to Georgia Avenue in Washington, DC. GACRI, Inc. and its member organizations will conduct, over a two-year period, planning, construction and human capital development activities.

Major activities include the rehabilitation of housing units owned by Howard to be returned to commerce as affordable housing units, expanding case management services at the Family and Residents' Support Center, establishing regular entrepreneurship development training, augmenting the four year public housing student scholarship program, assisting Section 8 public housing residents and increasing low income residents utilization of neighborhood services through extended community outreach.

5. Project Number: B-96-SB-NC-0004 Grantee: North Carolina Central University Grant Amount: $300,000 Project City/State: Durham, NC 27707 Project Contact/Phone Number: Dr. Julius L. Chambers, Chancellor Ph: 919-560-6304 FAX: 919-560-5014

The project will be designed to reach out to the neighboring community encouraging the residents to interact on campus and become knowledgeable about the resources and services available to them. Over the 24 month timeframe for the project, North Carolina Central University will: (1) renovate the historic Jordan House (2) establish a Community Economic Development Center that will provide training and technical assistance for residents, small business owners and prospective entrepreneurs (3) provide space for a Community Service Program, neighborhood meetings, orientations for residents and registration for continuing education classes and programs (4) further develop partnerships with agencies providing support services in South Central Durham to reduce poverty and promote self sufficiency and (5) develop a comprehensive data base of South Central Durham to be used by the City of Durham as it continues to identify funds for strategic economic development in this low/moderate income area.

6. Project Number: B-96-SB-NC-0001 Grantee: Elizabeth City State University Grant Amount: $300,000 Project City/State: Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Project Contact/Phone Number: Dr. Mickey L. Burnim, Chancellor Ph: 919-335-3230 FAX: 919-335-3731

This project builds upon the efforts of the University to further address housing and economic needs in the City of Elizabeth City. The University proposes to expand by eighteen (18) its housing rehab efforts provide ten (10) homeownership opportunities implement a major local fair housing educational effort and create or expand business and employment opportunities with an emphasis on creating entrepreneurship activities for minorities and disadvantaged persons. The project will be for a two year period.

7. Project Number: B-96-SB-MS-0002 Grantee: Jackson State University Grant Amount: $300,000 Project City/State: Jackson, MS 39217 Project Contact/Phone Number: Dr. James E. Lyons, Sr. President Ph: 601-968-2323 FAX: 601-968-2948

The project will be designed to increase homeownership opportunities for low-income and elderly residents in the West Jackson target area. One major activity is the Jackson State University's Home Ownership Opportunities Program (JSU HOOP). The University proposes to: (1) acquire and rehab ten (10) vacant properties for homeownership opportunities (2) form the West Jackson Community Development Partnership to increase cooperation in the Community Development efforts in the West Jackson area and (3) establish a Revolving Acquisition and Rehabilitation Fund.

8. Project Number: B-96-SB-NC-0003 Grantee: North Carolina A&T State University Grant Amount: $300,000 Project City/State: Greensboro, NC 27411 Project Contact/Phone Number: Dr. Edward B. Fort, Chancellor Ph: 910-334-7940 FAX: 910-334-7082

The University will establish the North Carolina A&T Community Economic and Skills Development Facility which will provide the following services to residents in the target area: (1) General Education Development (GED) preparation job training in vocational trades job and career counseling business development assistance to spur neighborhood economic development and seminars and workshops on homeownership and maintenance.

9. Project Number: B-96-SB-TX-0003 Grantee: Wiley College Grant Amount: $300,000 Project City/State: Marshall, TX 75670 Project Contact/Phone Number: Dr. Lamore J. Carter, President Ph: 903-927-3300 FAX: 903-938-8100

This project involves phase II of renovation and preservation of the historic Wiley-Pemberton building which is located in a low and moderate income area. The project will complete transformation of the deteriorating structure into a multiple-use Neighborhood Community Outreach Service Center, which will be the hub for community services. The project also includes: the establishment of a CDBG-Citizens (public access) Computer Literacy Training Center to support increased citizen participation in community planning and to support technological literacy skills training for unemployed or lower-skilled low-income adults the establishment of a Community Wellness Consortium to provide health screening services and the expansion of anti-crime, anti-drug educational and recreational programs for at-risk target local youth. Over the 36 month timeframe for the project approximately 900 persons will benefit from public access to the computer and be involved in the city's community planning efforts 120 are expected to participate in the computer literacy training to increase their level of employability and 3,000-3,600 will receive routine preventive health screening services and information.

10. Project Number: B-96-SB-LA-0001 Grantee: Xavier University of New Orleans Grant Amount: $300,000 Project City/State: New Orleans, LA 70125 Project Contact/Phone Number: Dr. Norman C. Francis, President Ph: 504-483-7541 FAX: 504-482-2801

Over a three year period, the University will provide economic development through the provision of a concentrated job training program in basic construction skills and lead abatement. To provide these skilled persons with future employment opportunities, the University, through its Community Development Corporation (CDC), will form a construction company that is wholly owned by the CDC and will focus on construction and rehabilitation activities in the Xavier Triangle Community. Another program element of this grant will be the construction of shared office space (modular wall and work units) for the Xavier Triangle Neighborhood Development Corporation and the University's Deep South Center for Environmental Justice (DSCEJ) Program.

11. Project Number: B-96-SB-TX-0002 Grantee: Texas Southern University Grant Amount: $300,000 Project City/State: Houston, TX 77004 Project Contact/Phone Number: Mr. James M. Douglas, Esq., President Ph: 713-313-7034 FAX: 713-313-1092

This project creates an Office Automation and Training Center which will: (1) provide skills training to public housing residents, GED participants and the unemployed and (2) provide skilled services in business operation and management to created and expanded economically disadvantaged small businesses and minority enterprises. This project will be undertaken with the assistance of the following integrated service organizations: Human Resources, Texas Employment Commission, Houston Community College and the Houston Housing Authority. A total of 150 persons will be trained and about 200 businesses will receive services over the 36 month timeframe for the project.

12. Project Number: B-96-SB-MD-0001 Grantee: Coppin State College Grant Amount: $300,000 Project City/State: Baltimore, MD 21216 Project Contact/Phone Number: Dr. Calvin W. Burnett, President Ph: 410-383-5910 FAX: 410-333-5369

Coppin State College will continue its efforts to develop and build a Retirement and Intergenerational Family Life Center which will include housing for the elderly, adult and child care programs. Coppin will continue its partnerships with other neighborhood organizations to acquire more property to eliminate the blight and to renovate rental units and units for homeownership. Also, workshops and technical assistance will be provided to residents and businesses with the focus on economic revitalization and homeownership for the Coppin Heights neighborhood.

13. Project Number: B-96-SB-OK-0001 Grantee: Langston University Grant Amount: $300,000 Project City/State: Langston, OK 73050 Project Contact/Phone Number: Dr. Ernest L. Holloway, President Ph: 405-466-3388 FAX: 405-466-3461

Langston University will undertake the following tasks: (1) The acquisition and development of real property (2) rehabilitation of residential and non-residential structures, water and sewer facilities and streets (3) development of a "One Stop Center" for low and moderate income residents and (4) improve and increase employment and training opportunities.

14. Project Number: B-96-SB-MS-0001 Grantee: Alcorn State University Grant Amount: $300,000 Project City/State: Lorman, MS 39096 Project Contact/Phone Number: Dr. Clinton Bristow, Jr., President Ph: 601-877-6111 FAX: 601-877-2975

Alcorn State proposes to establish a Community Development Corporation/Community Housing Development Organization as a mechanism through which the university will seek, develop and procure resources to enhance its own capacities and to assist the target communities in assessing, defining/refining, and addressing their needs.

15. Project Number: B-96-SB-AL-0001 Grantee: Stillman College Grant Amount: $300,000 Project City/State: Tuscaloosa, AL 35403 Project Contact/Phone Number: Dr. Cordell Wynn, President Ph: 205-349-4240 FAX: 205-758-0821

Revitalization of the Westgate Shopping Center, educational programs to increase employability, renovation of houses in the core of the dilapidated neighborhoods, a network initiative to form neighborhood associations to build a sense of community and a financial initiative to encourage homeownership, renovation and business start-up.

16. Project Number: B-96-SB-TX-0001 Grantee: St. Philip's College Grant Amount: $300,000 Project City/State: San Antonio, TX 78203 Project Contact/Phone Number: Dr. Charles A. Taylor, President Ph: 210-531-3591 FAX: 210-531-3590

Construction of a family resource center to house a child care center, training center for early childhood development, violence counseling programs, supportive services for families, homeownership information, mobile health care services and education and life skills for low income residents.

17. Project Number: B-96-SB-AL-0002 Grantee: Talladega College Grant Amount: $300,000 Project City/State: Talladega, AL 35160 Project Contact/Phone Number: Dr. Joseph B. Johnson, President Ph: 205-761-6212 FAX: 205-362-2268

Renovation of the Callahan Union Building and Gymnasium into a multi-use, multi-purpose facility, expansion of the role and effectiveness of the College of Business and Entrepreneurial programs to assist community residents to become economically sufficient, provide on-site work experience for community residents, develop programs which aggressively provide opportunities for the creation of a business incubator and purchase and renovate a dilapidated house to preserve the inventory of low-income housing in the local community through rehabilitation and preservation efforts.

18. Project Number: B-96-SB-DC-0002 Grantee: University of the District of Columbia Grant Amount: $300,000 Project City/State: Washington, D.C. 20008 Project Contact/Phone Number: Dr. Tilden J. LeMelle, President Ph: 202-274-5100 FAX: 202-274-5321

UDC will construct two townhouses each with two units. It will manage these four new units for the elderly. HUD funds will also be used to expand the UDC Center for Life Long Learning which will serve as a community center and provide workshops on health and education for neighborhood residents and provide the elderly with health monitoring services. This project will improve and expand the school's program for health and geriatric services.

19. Project Number: B-96-SB-VA-0001 Grantee: Norfolk State University Grant Amount: $300,000 Project City/State: Norfolk, VA 23504 Project Contact/Phone Number: Dr. Harrison B. Wilson, President Ph: 804-683-8670 FAX: 804-683-2342

Conduct significant research activity related to the issues of crime, illiteracy and poverty. Continue and augment community policing activities, create data and information library for lay persons and professionals concerned with the study of crime, and mentor and provide job training to youth offenders.

20. Project Number: B-96-SB-NC-0005 Grantee: Saint Augustine's College Grant Amount: $300,000 Project City/State: Raleigh, NC 27610 Project Contact/Phone Number: Dr. Bernard W. Franklin, President Ph: 919-516-4200 FAX: 919-828-0817

Acquire and rehabilitate a neighborhood shopping strip, demolish four dilapidated houses, a shop and an abandoned service station structure. The demolished structures will be replaced with a facility to house retail and office space.

21. Project Number: B-96-SB-KY-0001 Grantee: Kentucky State University Grant Amount: $253,794 Project City/State: Frankfort, KY 40601 Project Contact/Phone Number: Dr. Mary L. Smith, President Ph: 502-227-6260 FAX: 502-227-6490

Acquisition and demolition of three vacant, blighted structures so that a Community Education Center can be built where technical assistance and training can be provided to low/mod income households living in the City of Frankfort.

22. Project Number: B-96-SB-GA-0002 Grantee: Spelman College Grant Amount: $246,206 Project City/State: Atlanta, GA 30314 Project Contact/Phone Number: Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole, President Ph: 404-223-1400 FAX: 404-223-7523

Implementation of the second phase of the Entrepreneurial Business Development Program. The program's objective is to have participants develop strong viable business plans for retail, service and manufacturing businesses that will enhance the economic outlook of the community. The program includes a series of workshops, technical assistance, mentoring and self-directed study. This training will be provided for adult and youth residents from the West End and Atlanta Center communities.

Content Archived: January 20, 2009

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