New York City

The New York City Continuum of Care covers the entire jurisdiction of New York City including the five counties of New York, Kings (Brooklyn), Queens, the Bronx, and Richmond (Staten Island). The City's Continuum of Care was developed by the Way Home Coalition, a partnership of over 200 nonprofit homelessness assistance providers, City agencies, and other organizations. Key elements of the Continuum of Care are: (1) placing a high priority on job readiness training and job creation; (2) increasing collaborations among providers to help establish a seamless delivery system; (3) continuing a shift away from large-scale City-operated homeless shelters to smaller scale community-based facilities operated by nonprofit organizations; and (4) increasing the supply of affordable permanent and permanent supportive housing.

Contact person: Susan Wiviott
Associate Commissioner
New York City Department of Homeless Services
(212) 788-9400

FY 97 funding

Total received: $ 53,704,323