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HUD No. 97-279
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WASHINGTON -- Housing Secretary Andrew Cuomo today announced the award of $45.9 million to 17 communities to provide relocation assistance and rental subsidies for over 3,500 low-income families living in public housing that is being demolished.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development awarded the funds to housing authorities in: Alaska, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington State.

Low-income families living in severely deteriorated public housing that is scheduled for demolition or sale will receive housing subsidies under HUD's Section 8 program to enable them to move into privately owned housing.

"The historic transformation of public housing is benefiting cities and public housing residents around the nation," Cuomo said. "We are replacing deteriorated high-rise ghettos of poverty with new developments and with housing assistance that enables poor families to afford private apartments. This helps to revitalize communities and improves living conditions of public housing residents."

Under the Clinton Administration, HUD is carrying out the most dramatic transformation of public housing since it was invented six decades ago. HUD began a program in 1993 to demolish 100,000 units of deteriorated public housing by the end of the year 2000. HUD is replacing all the demolished units with either new public housing or with Section 8 subsidies.

Here are the public housing authorities that have been awarded Section 8 rental subsidies, the amount of funds, and the number of units that the money will support for each authority:

Housing Authority/StateFunds AwardedUnits
Alaska HFC, AK $ 406,03630
Danbury, CT$ 1,154,77855
Middletown, CT$ 573,15853
Waterbury, CT$ 199,94219
Tampa, FL$ 1,961,180 137
Atlanta, GA$13,891,382839
Baltimore City, MD$ 1,788,220162
Lynn, MA$ 99,2604
Detroit, MI $16,049,3941,432
St. Louis County, MO$ 303,46640
Las Vegas, NV$ 1,892,784141
Jersey City, NJ$ 917,91853
New York City, NY$ 409,03219
Columbus, OH$ 2,580,614348
Chester, PA $ 2,637,280152
Washington County, PA$ 158,948 16
Seattle, WA$ 854,312 46


Content Archived: January 20, 2009

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