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April 22, 2003

Celebrating "Earth Day," HUD visits TVC an energy efficient site

[Photo: Assistant Secretary Bernardi visiting Takoma Village Co-housing.]
Washington, D.C. - Assistant Secretary Bernardi today visited Takoma Village Co-housing (TVC) where he participated in a discussion with the residents and a guided tour led by Sandra Leibowitz a resident who was involved in the design of this development. Special emphasis was put on the methods used to build the Coop as well as the technologies employed to conserve energy efficiency and achieve sustainability.

"On this important day, "Earth Day" we see an example of energy efficiency and sustainability in Takoma Village Co-housing," said Bernardi. "Through HUD's PATH program we offer technology resources to assist builders in developing housing that is affordable, energy efficient, durable and environmentally friendly."

Takoma Village Co-housing was a demonstration project of Partnership for Advancing Technology and Housing (PATH). PATH is a partnership that is administered by HUD. PATH helped to integrate selected technologies into the design; to measure the cost of incorporating the technologies; to evaluate how well technologies are accepted by builders, construction trade groups, and homeowners; and to measure the technologies' performance. PATH developed a Builder Option Package with Energy Star specifically geared for Takoma Village, performed energy analyses and post-construction diagnostic testing to qualify the project under EPA's Energy Star Homes.

Takoma Village has garnered much attention for being DC's first co-housing project, but the building itself also speaks to more mainstream values; it clearly illustrates the role of affordable, energy efficient, infill construction as a catalyst for neighborhood renewal. Unlike most multi-family housing developments, where the eventual occupants have little or no say in the design process, a large percentage of Takoma Village property owners were on board from day one. Since it's ribbon cutting, Takoma Village has been showing other area builders and developers how sustainable, green buildings serve as a real asset.

"In the three decades since the first Earth Day celebration, our air is cleaner, our water is purer, and our natural resources are better protected. We have learned from our successes and are putting that experience to work at the Federal, state and local government level. Additionally, all Americans can help protect our natural resources by being good stewards of our air, water, and land," said President Bush.

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