Community Planning and Development
Program Formula Allocations for FY 2003

Historical Funding Allocations
This Excel spreadsheet includes historical allocation data from 2004 to 1993.

FY 2003 CPD Formula Allocations
compiled March 3, 2003.

The allocations for both the CDBG Program and the HOME Program include the reallocation of funds recaptured during FY 2002.

Click one of the links on the map or list below to view Excel tables with the FY2003 allocation amounts for CDBG, HOME, HOPWA, and ESG. These amounts are the full year amounts, adjusted for the 0.65 percent across-the-board rescission. Any grantee that received a partial allocation is now entitled to the full amount shown in this table. The amounts shown include reallocation of prior year funds and are net of transfers and repayments to the Department. Specifically, this table reflects:

  1. Transfers
    1. ESG and HOPWA funds from Raliegh NC to Wake County NC
    2. $112,000 of HOME money from the State of North Dakota to Fargo ND
    3. $625,000 of HOME Funds from Dearborn MI to the State of Michigan
    4. Hawaii's CDBG funds to the 3 Hawaii counties
  2. Repayments to HUD
    1. Williamsport PA $148,668 CDBG
    2. Atlanta GA $163,984 CDBG
    3. Nebraska $280,000 CDBG
    4. Iowa $120,000 CDBG
    5. Garden Grove CA $250,000 HOME
    6. Riverside County CA $100,000 HOME
    7. Atlanta GA $300,000 HOME
    8. Pontiac MI $143,564 HOME
    9. Niagara Falls NY $672,173 HOME

The table shows the individual amounts for metropolitan cities and urban counties that are in joint grant agreements. The letters to the grantees will reflect the combined amounts for each joint grant agreement. The Louisville and Jefferson County KY allocations shown separately in this table will also be combined as a grant to Louisville.

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