Downloading the CPMP Tool

Announcing the new CPMP Version 2.0!
This version contains features that incorporate changes made in the Consolidated Plan final rule that became effective on March 13, 2006. It includes new worksheets dealing with annual specific objectives and annual housing goals. It also includes revisions to other worksheets that were made in response to suggestions made by grantees that used previous versions.
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If you need help using the CPMP, or have a suggestion on how to make the CPMP more useful, send us an email to If the tool is working, let us know that too. Your feedback is important to the success of this tool!

CPMP User Manual Quick Links

To download the CPMP tool, you need to have compatible zip software to uncompress the CPMP files. We recommend WinZip, which is included with Windows XP. If you do not have WinZip, you may download the latest trial version from the WinZip Website ( for free.

Follow WinZip's instructions to install the software. There are other zip programs available on the Internet that you may prefer to use. Several are available as freeware. Once your Zip software is functioning you may then proceed with downloading the tool.

The reason for zipping the tool is two-fold. First, the tool contains 19 different files. A zip utility allows HUD to package these files into one convenient download rather than 19 separate ones. Second, compressed via the zip package the total file size for the download is less than 950K. Taken separately these files total more than 3 MB. The amount of time spent downloading will be appreciably less.

Downloading the Tool:

1. Click the CPMP Tool - Zip file link on the Consolidated Plan Management Process (CPMP) Tool page.

2. In the File Download dialog box, choose the Save option.

File Download dialog box

3. Click the Save In: Drop-down arrow to navigate to the location in your directory structure that you would like to save the tool in. Some people like to save files to the Desktop, others put it in the "Downloaded Programs" file or wherever you are comfortable and can remember where it is.

4. Click the Save button.

5. When the download is complete, click the Open button.

Unzipping the Tool:

1. Depending on your preferences, WinZip will open either the WinZip Wizard or the WinZip Classic interface. If the Wizard opens, click the WinZip Classic button.

WinZip Wizard Interface

2. In WinZip Classic, click the Actions menu; then the Extract option.

WinZip Classic with Actions menu expanded

3. Use the Folders/drives: window to navigate to where you want to house your copy of the CPMP.

Note: WinZip will automatically create a CPMP folder for you when you extract the files. For proper functionality, we recommend housing the CPMP tool on your Hard Drive.

Extract dialog box

4. When the correct location appears as the Extract to: option, click the Extract button. WinZip will extract the files to the location you've chosen.

Note: You do not have to use all of the files in the CPMP tool; you can pick and choose from files you may find helpful. Be aware though, that the files are linked together and if you delete any of them from the CPMP directory, you will lose full functionality.

Opening the Tool:

1. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to your copy of CPMP on your hard drive.

2. Double-click 1CPMP.xls to begin using the CPMP tool.

Content Archived: May 9, 2012