CHDO Survivor Kit

Copies of Model Programs are available through Community Connections (


The CHDO Survivor Kit is a compilation of management methods and tools that are designed to help Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs) improve their performance in delivering completed and occupied HOME units.

This guide offers advice to CHDOs on how to survive and succeed in a changing environment that is placing increasing pressure on them to perform. This guide will also help nonprofit organizations that are aspiring to become CHDOs understand the expectations that accompany the CHDO designation.

The CHDO Survivor Kit is not an introduction to CHDO requirements. Rather, its purpose is to assist CHDOs in understanding what it takes to be a successful developer of HOME-assisted housing by identifying funding sources and other partners, picking projects that have a high likelihood of success, designing sustainable projects, managing the development process, and building a project pipeline for long-term success.

Content Archived: May 20, 2011