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New Screens in IDIS

HUD is appreciative of the efforts many grantees have made to complete the new screens added in the Integrated Disbursement and Information System (IDIS) to obtain information on the types of organizations receiving CDBG funds to carry-out eligible activities. However, we have found that in some cases these screens have been completed for new activities, but not for activities that are the focus of the current data gathering effort: activities with draws in Federal Fiscal Year (FFY 2004), October 1, 2003 – September 30, 2004. Therefore, the number of grantees on the updated list of those that have not yet started entering information on the new screens has increased from the update provided in August. Grantees on the list are strongly encouraged to move forward with identifying activities with draws in FFY 2004 that require changes to the new screens and input the necessary information as soon as possible. Guidance on completing the new screens identifying organizations carrying out CDBG activities is available.

Other important issues that have been identified based on information available to date from activities for which the new screens have been completed are:

  1. Local chapters of national organizations that have identified themselves as faith-based organizations should be identified as faith-based organizations in IDIS because the local chapter operates under the auspices of the national organization. Therefore, if assistance is provided to local chapters of any of the following organizations, they should be identified as faith-based organizations in IDIS. These include:
    • Adventist Community Services
    • Catholic Charities USA
    • Catholic Church
    • Church World Service
    • Habitat for Humanity
    • International Orthodox Christian Charities
    • Lutheran Social Services
    • Sisters of Mercy
    • Salvation Army
    • Society of St. Vincent de Paul
    • Southern Baptist Convention
    • United Jewish Communities
    • Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA)
    • Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA)

  2. Some organizations have indicated they are not faith-based because they are not carrying out religious activities. An organization does not have to be carrying out religious activities to be considered a faith-based organization. “Faith-based” has not been defined, but it is generally any organization founded or inspired by faith or religion; such organizations often choose to demonstrate that faith by carrying out one or more activities that assist persons who are less fortunate, e.g., low- and moderate-income persons served by the CDBG program. “Faith-based” does not mean the organization is carrying out inherently religious activities with CDBG funds or that it serves only persons of a particular faith. In fact, both of those actions are prohibited in activities assisted with Federal funds.

Grantees are not required to contact CDBG-assisted organizations to ask if they are faith-based for purposes of this data gathering initiative. Nevertheless, because this information will be required in IDIS, grantees may want to consider revising their application forms to collect the information needed to complete these new IDIS screens as new activities are funded. However, for activities with draws in FFY 2004, use the following guidance: (1) if an organization has been contacted and it indicates it is not faith-based, it should not be identified as faith-based in IDIS; (2) if such information has not been provided by the organization and the name of the organization indicates an affiliation with a particular faith or with one of the organizations listed in item 1 above, the organization should be the organization should be identified as a faith-based organization in IDIS.

Content Archived: October 21, 2010

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