Resident Management and Business Development - Categorical Grants


Resident Management and Business Development (RMBD) establish and strengthen organizational capacity for site-based resident associations (RAs) that do not have the capacity to administer a welfare-to-work program, conduct management activities, or implement business development enterprises/ventures. Eligible grantees are RAs representing public housing residents and citywide resident organizations (CWROs).

Funds from RMBD grants may be used for activities such as:

  • Training related to resident-owned businesses or cooperative developments and technical assistance for job training and placement in resident management corporation (RMC) developments.

  • Technical assistance and training in resident-managed business development through feasibility and market studies; development of business plans; outreach activities; innovative financing methods; and legal advice in establishing a resident-managed business entity or cooperative.

  • Establishing and funding revolving loan funds.

  • Training residents, as potential employees of an RMC, in skills directly related to the operation, management, maintenance, and financial systems of a development.

  • Gaining assistance in negotiating management contracts and designing a long-range planning system.

  • Management-related employment training and counseling, including job search, development, placement, and follow-up assistance.

  • Support services for residents.

  • Establishing and operating centers that use technology and telecommunications for job training, after-school youth programs, and educational activities.


Available Funding: N/A
Application Due Date: N/A
Recipients: Site based RAs/ROs, RMCs, CWROs and to tribal ROs, tribal RMCs, tribes/TDHEs that partner with tribal ROs and tribal RMCs
Application Information: N/A
Fund Assignments: FY 2002 Grantees
FY 2001 Grantees


Content Archived: May 8, 2019